Kate Middleton Ruins My Sidewalk, Plus A Puppy Update

I had a dream the other night that Kate Middleton was my sister-in-law (which would make me royalty, and also, British) and she kept having the sidewalk in front of my house demolished because it “wasn’t green”.

I realize that it is useless to read about other people’s dreams, because they aren’t real and therefore don’t matter at all.  But this one was too funny not to write down.

Foster puppy update: Fiona settled in nicely last night.  She played hard with Buster, and they took turns passive-aggressively stealing each other’s rawhides.  I put her in a crate in the kitchen to sleep and she didn’t make a peep all night, OR have an accident.  She is just awesome.  But for those of you concerned, I am not hoping to keep her.  It’s temporarily fun, but I think that Buster enjoys being the only dog in our house.  He’s been extra clingy since Fiona’s arrival.

If you’re interested in learning more about Fiona, click here.  And then apply to adopt her.  You know you want to.


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