new to me tunes that you should listen to also

my interest in new music tends to ebb and flow, and right now it is flowing, baby! here are my current favorite jams. you’re welcome!

it’s been a while since i heard a song (that i’m not embarrassed by) that makes me want to dance. sia is one of my all-time faves (she wrote rihanna’s “diamonds” and that “i am ti-taaaaay-neeeee-ummmmmmm” song that was everywhere last year but is not super famous for her own stuff) and this (bring night) is a great jam that i think you should listen to and then get up and dance along with RIGHT NOW.

lorelai by fleet foxes. it makes me want to have a baby so i can bounce it on my knee to the beat of this song, do i have problems?

i like this song a lot more than i should, considering that it is by fall out boy. but the chorus is stupid catchy (“i’m on fiiiiyaaaaa!!!”) and i’m loving it.

um have you heard of lindsey sterling yet? she is a super cute pop violinist who generously employs dubstep in her songs. i’m borderline obsessed. especially by her cover of radioactive with a capella group pentatonix. i die.

if you listen to alt nation on XM, which i only get to do when i ride in hubs’s truck (lifeissohardiknow), you have probably heard neighbourhood’s “sweater weather” one million times already. but that doesn’t make it any less catchy, yet.

if you’re in the mood to curl up in a ball under your desk and have a good cry, this cover of radiohead’s “paranoid andriod” by sia (see above) is gorgeous.

and lastly, this song has so many things in it that i hate (80’s drums, synth man voices in the chorus, a weird hipster title – “everything is embarrassing” see?) but somehow it all gels together and i can’t stop listening to it.

i was just going to talk about bring night and then i got carried away. i just want everyone i know and don’t know to love these songs as much as i do.

i’m sorry.


happy anna howard shaw day [UPDATE]

i have never been a big fan of valentine’s day, even now, when i have someone to spend it with.  i don’t know that i ever had disdain for today, but i didn’t magically come to love it once i was off the market.  it’s just a day.


truth be told, my husband used to send flowers to my office every valentine’s day, until we got engaged.  that year, i wasn’t feeling well and decided to leave work early, but sent a quick note to future-hubs (past hubs?) to ask him if i’d be missing anything if i went home before 5:00.  he was confused.  so i gently reminded him that he always sends me flowers on valentine’s day, and his response was something like, “oh that was before we got engaged.  you said yes.  pressure’s off!”

well you know what honey?  that goes both ways.  it didn’t even occur to me to shave my legs this morning.  happy valentine’s day!


(p.s. i love my husband like crazy and he randomly brought home flowers 2 weeks ago, though they died pretty quickly after that because i put them in a vase and then stuck them under a lamp, but it’s the thought that counts.  he is the best.)


these just arrived at my office, and i am a terrible person.  they ever look like buster!  hubs sure knows the way to my heart.


brb gotta go home and shave my legs.

to sucking more!

it’s been 2 months since my last blog post.  you know why?  because i put way too much pressure on myself to post something awesome, and then i end up posting nothing, because i don’t want it to suck.

so i’ve made the blog look a little simpler, and i’m hoping to keep my posts a little simpler, too.  here’s to sucking more! *cheers*


watching the grammy awards this past sunday with my hubs (left) and my bus (right) while laid up on the couch trying not to die from the greatest headcold there ever was.

Post Title Goes Here

My sister Sara came over last night to hang out and eat food.  Lots of food was eaten by yours truly.  More importantly, Buster got some playtime with his new BFF Otis, who admittedly is not too sure about Buster.

Do you watch The Voice?  My mom HATES RaeLynn from Blake’s team, so she was super relieved when (SPOILER ALERT!) RaeLynn was sent packing last night.  Here are some of my mom’s various thoughts on her, all via text message:

  • “Blake sent Jordis home instead of RaeLynn…I wish you could vote against someone.”
  • “She isn’t even on key.  I’ve seen better at high school talent shows.”
  • “There is hope!  RaeLynn is in the bottom two–maybe Blake will send her home?!  Probably not–she reminds him of a ‘young MIranda’.”
  • “RaeLynn is going home!”

I fell down the stairs on Monday night.  Hubs was behind me, and when my feet flew out from under me and my arms went up in the air, he thought I was joking around.  I wasn’t.  It was sort of like Scarlet takes a Tumble, except on un-carpeted stairs:

Usually when I fall and hurt myself, I go mute for about 30 seconds, because I need to compose myself and assess the damage.  Hubs usually flies into a panic and then yells at me when I don’t answer.  So that usually turns out really well.

Avengers is supposed to have a bigger opening weekend than Hunger Games did.

Everyone in my family, including my minister-brother-in-law AND my mom AND all my sisters, has read Hunger Games now, except for hubs.  Even my dad has seen the movie.  Please help me convince hubs that he’s missing out.  Mostly so I can talk to him about it for hours and hours on end.

Treats & Snoozin’

I will never ever get tired of listening to Marcel the Shell’s voice.  If you haven’t watched these, watch them now for your own good.  I am partial to the 2nd one over the 1st one, probably because we’ve been looking at Buster and saying “treats and snoozin’, snoozin’ and treats” at our house for the past month.  I realize that these are not new and not obscure (the first video has over 16 million hits) but in any case, you’re welcome in advance.  Special thanks to my sister Sara for showing them to me in the first place.