Worst. Wine. Ever.

I have very, very low standards for wine. My basic philosophy on vino is: if it gets me buzzed, bottoms up. That being said, I do have my limits. If your wine has more water than it does grapes, has hints of shower drain scum and spray-on adhesive, and ends with a cool that-smell-that-those-shoes-I-bought-from-TJMaxx-that-one-time-and-had-to-return-because-they-stank-like-burnt-rubber-tires-in-the-junkyard-of-a-third-world-country aftertaste, well then kind sir, I WILL NOT DRINK YOUR WINE. Behold:

The worst wine I’ve ever tasted. And that includes Arbor Mist, Mogen David, and room temperature Franzia. ROOM TEMPERATURE FRANZIA!!!


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