Operation Don’t Kill The Grass This Year: Part 1

In an effort to keep our yard pretty and healthy throughout the Fall, we spent some of our evening raking up leaves that had already started to cover the grass in front of our house. Here are tonight’s raking stats:

# of ginormous, leaf-shedding trees: 6
# of yard bags filled with leaves: 5
# of neighbors who asked why we were clearing leaves ourselves: 3                                   # of yard guy phone number offers: 1
# of neighborhood dogs Buster got to meet: 7
# of times we heard “you’re new here, right?”: 2
Best line heard from passersby: “Well, at least it’s a bonding experience!”

*disclaimer* Piles of leaves are much larger than they appear. The dog, not so much.


1 thought on “Operation Don’t Kill The Grass This Year: Part 1

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