Indie Rock Saves My Day

Indie music is my fave.  I first got into indie music during my freshman year of college, back when you could illegally download copious amounts of music on programs like Napster and Bearshare and Limewire (is my extensive knowledge of stealing music incriminating?) without being sued into an oblivion.  But I haven’t stolen a song in about 8 years so stop judging me.  I came home for the summer and spent my time listening to bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Aqueduct and The Perishers, and my parents got nervous.  Was I depressed?  Was I feeling unfulfilled?  Was I a hipster before there were hipsters?  No…I just liked the music.  Especially the songs that made my heart hurt.

Want me to come back down off my pedestal?  I found most of my favorite indie bands from watching The OC.  I’m not proud.

I had a mini-breakdown yesterday at work when in the midst of a data-intensive project, everything froze.  So I plugged my headphones into my iPhone and switched on Pandora (they frown upon streaming on the work network, go figure), and picked the Manchester Orchestra station.  Ahhh, sweet, soothing solitude.  My dad once told me that he doesn’t allow the programmers at his office to wear headphones because it’s anti-social.  But when you work alone and you can’t block out the sound of your admin pounding on her keyboard like the keys are grapes and her fingers are feet and she’s trying to make wine, sometimes it’s just necessary.

These songs grabbed my attention while I was jamming so I thought I’d spread the love and tell you what they are.  They are so pretty.  Enjoy!

Iron & Wine – Boy with a Coin
Jose Gonzalez – Storm
Fleet Foxes – Mykonos


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