new to me tunes that you should listen to also

my interest in new music tends to ebb and flow, and right now it is flowing, baby! here are my current favorite jams. you’re welcome!

it’s been a while since i heard a song (that i’m not embarrassed by) that makes me want to dance. sia is one of my all-time faves (she wrote rihanna’s “diamonds” and that “i am ti-taaaaay-neeeee-ummmmmmm” song that was everywhere last year but is not super famous for her own stuff) and this (bring night) is a great jam that i think you should listen to and then get up and dance along with RIGHT NOW.

lorelai by fleet foxes. it makes me want to have a baby so i can bounce it on my knee to the beat of this song, do i have problems?

i like this song a lot more than i should, considering that it is by fall out boy. but the chorus is stupid catchy (“i’m on fiiiiyaaaaa!!!”) and i’m loving it.

um have you heard of lindsey sterling yet? she is a super cute pop violinist who generously employs dubstep in her songs. i’m borderline obsessed. especially by her cover of radioactive with a capella group pentatonix. i die.

if you listen to alt nation on XM, which i only get to do when i ride in hubs’s truck (lifeissohardiknow), you have probably heard neighbourhood’s “sweater weather” one million times already. but that doesn’t make it any less catchy, yet.

if you’re in the mood to curl up in a ball under your desk and have a good cry, this cover of radiohead’s “paranoid andriod” by sia (see above) is gorgeous.

and lastly, this song has so many things in it that i hate (80’s drums, synth man voices in the chorus, a weird hipster title – “everything is embarrassing” see?) but somehow it all gels together and i can’t stop listening to it.

i was just going to talk about bring night and then i got carried away. i just want everyone i know and don’t know to love these songs as much as i do.

i’m sorry.


Musical Blunders and Other Things, Too

I need to stop buying Groupons.

A few weeks ago, I bought 2 tickets to a local movie theater where you can eat dinner AND watch movies at the same time, for $5 each.  They expire this Thursday.  I had accepted the fact that the tickets would go to waste because we never go see movies and why would I think this month would be any different?  Until I saw this pop up on my twitter feed on Tuesday morning:

I texted hubs with our new Tuesday night plans, and he was game.  So we got home from work, walked Buster, apologized to him for leaving again so soon, and headed to the theater.

When we got to the counter and handed the Groupon to the girl at the register, she radio’d to her manager to ask if Groupons could be used for the Coldplay movie since it is a special event.


The answer was no.  Last time I checked, I had movie tickets for a movie theater and the Coldplay special event was a MOVIE.  Why is life so hard?  We left and went to Taco Mac to drown our sorrows in queso and beer, and returned home to this smug little face:

It’s like he is saying “I told you so”.  With his eyes.

I love Thanksgiving, or whatever (mostly just the stuffing), but the cream of my holiday crop is Christmas.   I don’t bother buying pumpkins or orange-colored decorations for October/November, 50% because I hate Halloween/the color orange, and 50% because they just get in the way of Christmas.  That being said, I do try to have some restraint when it comes to celebrating too early.  Commercialization of Christ’s birth, yadda yadda yadda, I LOVE JINGLE BELLS and you can’t take that away from me.

So maybe I’ve been listening to Christmas music on Spotify and in the privacy of my cubicle at work and in my car during my commute.  Don’t judge me.  Now if this swamp cough I’ve been fighting for the better part of 2 weeks would just go away already, I could sing along.


Speaking of Spotify, I was surprised when it started up yesterday and I saw an ad for Christina Aguilera’s new album, which was already available for streaming.  Come again?  I am a CA fan (though I wish she would wear pants more often) and expected it to be more of an event when her new album came out.  No idea it was already here.

So far…it’s all right.  If you’re going to sample it, I suggest the tracks Lotus Intro (it’s synthy-soothing), Blank Page (old school Christina ballad), and Cease Fire.  Just a Fool ft. Blake Shelton is not bad either.  I could see ellipticizing to this.

I’ve been casually watching the new show Nashville on ABC (coveting Connie Britton’s hair throughout), and noticed the daughters on the show are also real-life sisters from the video below, who are crazy talented.  My sister sent me the link to their cover of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” a few weeks ago, and we both wondered, what were we doing throughout our childhood?  Playing outside?  We wasted so much precious time.

Also, their first names are Lennon and Maisy, which are almost as cool and unique as Anne and Sara.

WIth that totally organic segway into social networking…

Did anybody else see the new feature on Facebook, couples pages?  You don’t even get a chance to opt out – it’s automatically there!  Hubs and I are horrified.  Luckily our couples page is pretty sparsely populated, because we tend to interact in person rather than on Facebook.  Still…I’m creeped out.  To see yours, go to  I apologize in advance.

Funny Valentine's Day Ecard: I'm ready to change my Facebook relationship status if you are.
And speaking of being creeped out, Instagram now has webpages for all of its users, too.  And they didn’t even ask me first!  I like Instragram in the privacy of my iPhone.  A few weeks ago my dad quit facebook because “Mark Zuckerberg is a bad guy.”  (I guess he didn’t see The Social Network in 2010?)  Maybe my dad was right.
One last gripe and then I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled wondering-what-to-eat-for-lunch-today schedule.
LEAVES.  Oh God, the leaves.  They are everywhere.  The thought of raking right now makes me want to weep.  We’re too cheap to pay someone to clear our leaves for us.  So the next time there is an unseasonably warm Sunday in Atlanta, you can find me in the front yard with a boombox, a bottle of wine, and tears.  So many tears.
Annnnnnnnnnnnd how do I always manage to mess up the spacing on my posts?  Always.  I give up.  Sorry this post is so meaty.  Or am I?!?  At least I posted.
I hate everything.

Post Title Goes Here

My sister Sara came over last night to hang out and eat food.  Lots of food was eaten by yours truly.  More importantly, Buster got some playtime with his new BFF Otis, who admittedly is not too sure about Buster.

Do you watch The Voice?  My mom HATES RaeLynn from Blake’s team, so she was super relieved when (SPOILER ALERT!) RaeLynn was sent packing last night.  Here are some of my mom’s various thoughts on her, all via text message:

  • “Blake sent Jordis home instead of RaeLynn…I wish you could vote against someone.”
  • “She isn’t even on key.  I’ve seen better at high school talent shows.”
  • “There is hope!  RaeLynn is in the bottom two–maybe Blake will send her home?!  Probably not–she reminds him of a ‘young MIranda’.”
  • “RaeLynn is going home!”

I fell down the stairs on Monday night.  Hubs was behind me, and when my feet flew out from under me and my arms went up in the air, he thought I was joking around.  I wasn’t.  It was sort of like Scarlet takes a Tumble, except on un-carpeted stairs:

Usually when I fall and hurt myself, I go mute for about 30 seconds, because I need to compose myself and assess the damage.  Hubs usually flies into a panic and then yells at me when I don’t answer.  So that usually turns out really well.

Avengers is supposed to have a bigger opening weekend than Hunger Games did.

Everyone in my family, including my minister-brother-in-law AND my mom AND all my sisters, has read Hunger Games now, except for hubs.  Even my dad has seen the movie.  Please help me convince hubs that he’s missing out.  Mostly so I can talk to him about it for hours and hours on end.

Who the Heck is Bon Iver?

Bon Iver’s “Holocene” is nominated for Record of the Year at the Grammys this Sunday.  Never heard the song?  Neither has anyone else!  Here’s a link where you can watch & listen:

Sidenote: Bon Iver is a band, not a person, which is good to know.  Additionally: why isn’t the plural version of grammy “grammies”?

More Grammy infographics from New York Magazine:

How Is It Only Wednesday?!

Is this week moving slow as molasses for anybody else?  It feels endlesssssssss.

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook last night, and it made me guffaw out loud, while hubs sat in silence reading the PAPER VERSION of the Wall Street Journal.  There’s no mistaking who the old soul is in our house.

Also, after yesterday’s lackluster reaction to the Lana Del Rey album courtesy of yours truly, it appears that the rock gods were not in agreement as I awoke today to this tweet from Chris Martin of Coldplay:


I haven’t run in a week and a half, due to the bruise on my ankle.  I can’t even walk around in running shoes yet.  I’ve biked barefoot in my basement a few times while trying to decipher the plot of Pretty Little Liars/the meaning of life, but it’s not the same.  There was so much progress, and now I’ll be lucky if I break 40 minutes on our upcoming 5k, which is in…4 weeks.  FML.

This VW commercial from the Super Bowl makes me feel a little bit better.  I think it was my favorite.  What was yours?

Smooth Criminal And Such

When the Alien Ant Farm cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” came out, I was a senior in high school (I think?), and my friends would walk up to me, put their hand on my shoulder, and ask sincerely, “Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie?”  That song haunts me.  And yet I also love it.  So when a new and improved version comes out, I am all over it.  Glee covered the song last week, and I am obsessed.  The dueling cello arrangement is genius, as is Santana’s ad-libbing towards the end.  Listen to it here if you need a new song to play on repeat for the rest of the week:

Speaking of music, everybody is freaking out about Lana Del Rey and her authenticity and her lip implants and whatnot.  I think the gist of it is that her dad is rich and maybe helped fund her music habit, and at some point she got passed off onto the indie music scene as some sort of pop star rebel…long story short, her album is out and it’s mostly embarrassing (as in, she uses the word “python” to describe…you know).  She’s like the hipster version of Ke$ha.  But the sound is unique and her voice has an interesting texture, so I don’t hate parts of the album.  Here are the salvagable tracks:

  • Blue Jeans
  • Born to Die
  • Dark Paradise
  • Video Games

I am also really loving the new Gotye song, “Somebody That I Used To Know”.  It’s so depressy and catchy and Sting-y.  But I previewed the rest of the album and it’s sort of schizophrenic, which is disappointing.  I’ll just listen to this track on repeat.  I haven’t watched the video below so I can’t speak to its suitableness for work.  You’ve been warned.

In conclusion, if you’ve read The Hunger Games and it consumed your brain for the better part of a week like it did mine, then feast your ears on the Taylor Swift/Civil Wars song that will be featured on the soundtrack (but not in the movie, because they don’t have music in Panem, obviously).  It’s dreamy.

Go Away, Aaron Neville

I have a general rule of thumb when it comes to massive amounts of data, processing massive amounts of data, and massive amounts of cursing when my laptop freezes and I have to reboot, thus losing my massive amounts of data.

Fill my ears with music and try my best not to freak the cluck out.

There is nothing worse than deciding that you are probably fine without need to listen to music, and then realizing that your left your headphones at home, or that the last remaining earbud has short-circuited, or that IT has wizened up and blocked Pandora.

But not today, my friends!  Today I break the communist unspoken rule that Christmas music should only be enjoyed after Thanksgiving, and I will listen to it as I fight with Excel for the rest of the afternoon.  I.  Love.  Christmas.  Music.  And I know it’s taboo to blast it from the mountaintops before it’s socially appropriate, but it’s okay if I listen to it in the privacy of my cubicle on my one working earbud, right?  I thought so.

I won’t subject innocent bystanders to the tunes until Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas season is officially upon us.  Except for you, hubs.  Because your truck has XM and my car does not, and there are too many good holiday stations on XM radio NOT to listen to it as soon as it’s available.  Are you regretting not installing that XM unit that you bought for me 2 years ago?  ARE YOU?!?

Christmas music makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  It reminds me of my childhood, and of a time where the weight of the world (money, age, football season…) didn’t rest upon my shoulders.  It makes me happy.

UNLESS it’s an Aaron Neville Christmas song.  I can’t stand his voice.  The worst part about my hatred of Aaron Neville?  Somehow, one of his songs ended up on my iPod classic that has a shattered screen and only works when it’s plugged into my 5-year-old iHome, and occasionally, when I’m in a hurry and push “play” without making sure I’m in a playlist first, I hear the opening notes to his version of “The Christmas Song” because “Aaron” comes first in the alphabet.  Then I frantically change it to ANYTHING THAT WILL PLAY INSTEAD EVEN A MILEY CYRUS SONG SO HELP ME GOD.

Frank Sinatra, take me home.