Doggy Daycare: Not Just For Snobs

One day a week, I take Buster to doggy daycare.  Is it full of purebread dogs that look at Buster and wonder, how did that mutt get here?  Yes, yes it is.  I realize that doggy daycare is mostly reserved for people who get their dogs from breeders and who can afford to pamper their dogs 5 days a week.  But we send Buster for a couple of reasons.

#1) We want our dog to be popular well socialized, so that he doesn’t hump every dog in sight when we go to the dog park.  This was a problem for the first month that we had him, and he’d always try to stick it to the St. Bernards and the Great Danes…thankfully he grew out of this stage.  It was super embarrassing.

#2) If there’s a weeknight where we know we have plans after work, or maybe we want to come home and relax and NOT have to run a 5k with him to prevent him from bouncing around the house all night, we’ll send him on those days, too.

#3) We have SIX weddings to go to this year, four of which are out-of-town. Sending Buster to daycare helps him stay familiar with where we board him when we travel, so he doesn’t feel abandoned…hopefully.

The most fun part about doggy daycare is that they have WEBCAMS so you can spy on your dog!

This is the scene in the morning.  Everybody mills about greeting the other dogs as they trickle in from their Hummer H2’s and Ford Excursions (do they still make those?) and, in Buster’s case, their pimpin’ Honda CR-V’s.

Then around lunchtime, the older dogs get lazy and take naps on the floor.  But not my boy.  He still runs amuck, sniffing everything in sight.

But without fail, around 3:00 in the afternoon, Buster takes his post by the door, and watches the window to see if we’re there to pick him up yet.  He will lay here for the rest of the afternoon until we come get him.  At this point I’m thinking, get up you lazy SOB, we don’t send you to doggy daycare to nap!  But his day is pretty much over.  Slacker.

Although, regardless of how lazy Buster is at doggy daycare, he’ll assume this position when we get home, which makes it worth the small fee that we pay to have a quiet, sleepy dog one night a week.

What a spoiled brat.

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