Ikea Lack Repurposed on the Cheap

I bought my trusty Ikea Lack coffee table almost 5 years ago for $20 when I moved out of state for the first time.  It has been through 4 moves and can hold my husband’s entire bodyweight when he gets drunk and stands on top of it.  It’s been a champ!  However, the cheap look and black-brown finish has run its course, so it was time to repurpose.

In what is probably the most lazy DIY project ever, all I did was unscrew the legs from the top, take off all of the remaining hardware, and spray that baby down with about 5 light coats of Krylon chalkboard spray paint.  Then, rather than put hanging hardware on the back of the board {why stop being lazy when it hurts so good?} I installed a wall shelf from Target, also circa 2007, for the chalkboard to rest on.  And then, even though my dad swore up and down that “they don’t even sell chalk anymore”, I picked up a box at Target and got to chalkin’.

While the placement isn’t ideal {right next to the door and in front of the main light switch}, it was the best spot to place it so it could be seen from the couch and easily accessed for future chalkin’ activity.

Fun fact: I’ve played the guitar since I was 10.  Hubs has been wanting to learn, so I drew him some chords so he could practice on the pretty little Fender he bought me a couple of years ago.

So there you have it.  The house is slowly evolving.  This used to be the crap room, and look at it now.  I’m so proud I could weep into my instant cheese grits.  I’m trying to be cheap without looking like I’m being cheap…is it working?


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