how to keep pollen off of a screened in porch, and other things

every spring in atlanta, when the pollen descends from the trees and into our lives, we are ostracized from our screened in porch during the time of year when it would be most enjoyable.  so this year, we took matters into our own hands and (desperately) tried to keep the effing pollen out of our porch.  behold!


we bought a $10 roll of clear poly (not quite clear, as you can see) and stapled all the way around our porch to create a barrier against the pollen.  we also used masking tape to keep the seams sealed.  and you know what?  so far so good!  I think this keeps the pollen at bay! 

though, we do not exactly enjoy the porch while it is dressed up as one of dexter’s victims, and it is creepy as hell to sit at the table and eat dinner while surrounded by plastic.  but at least we won’t have to clean up the pollen before we can use the porch again.


and we look super classy, our neighbors are not skeeved out at all.

though after we had done this, we realized we could have just removed all of the cushion before the pollen came, and then rinsed the pollen away once it was done.  oh well.

some other things we’ve done around the house in the name of spring and general getting stuff done-ness:

i bought this mirror a few months ago at goodwill.  it was bright gold.  and hubs took one look at it and declared that it was “the penis mirror”.  and i showed it to my sisters, and they may have agreed with him.  but that didn’t keep me from painting it blue and hanging it in our upstairs hallway.


[those are my painting clothes, I promise I don’t go out in public wearing soccer shorts.  also, full disclosure, I have never played soccer.]

the print is new and by an artist named elizabeth mayville.  I found it on etsy and I am obsessed.  the table is a homegoods find, and now that I look at it, I feel like it’s super off-white and needs to be painted…maybe next year.

and YES that is a futon in the next room don’t judge me!

one last major crazy thing I took care of on sunday night was painting our stairwell!  it is, mmmmm, 95% done?  but the last 5% is going to be the WORST.  uggggghhhhhhh.


i’m sorry the light is so bad but hubs turned off the lights downstairs right as i took this picture.

painting the stairwell finally connects the downstairs, which has been painted since before we moved in 2.5 years ago, and the upstairs hallway that I painted recently.  except, you know, now I have to figure out how to finish it without getting paint on the ceiling.  because I have NO IDEA what color paint goes on the ceiling in our house, so i have nothing to touch it up with.  god help us.

i will say that painting with an extender pole filled me with so much glee.  to be able to reach a point on the wall that was 3 times my height was strangely exhilirating.  okay so hubs may have done the VERY tippy top of the wall, but 90% of the 95% of the stairwell was done by yours truly.

throughout these home improvement endeavors, buster has continued to have no physical boundaries whatsoever.  he also needs a haircut so very badly.


finally, i cannot conclude this post without showing you the most amazing thing that happened at an irish pub this weekend.  my good friend (we will call her melamine) looked into her beer and saw someone winking back at her.


most people see jesus in their food.  we get creepy smiley faces.  sounds about right.

Ikea Lack Repurposed on the Cheap

I bought my trusty Ikea Lack coffee table almost 5 years ago for $20 when I moved out of state for the first time.  It has been through 4 moves and can hold my husband’s entire bodyweight when he gets drunk and stands on top of it.  It’s been a champ!  However, the cheap look and black-brown finish has run its course, so it was time to repurpose.

In what is probably the most lazy DIY project ever, all I did was unscrew the legs from the top, take off all of the remaining hardware, and spray that baby down with about 5 light coats of Krylon chalkboard spray paint.  Then, rather than put hanging hardware on the back of the board {why stop being lazy when it hurts so good?} I installed a wall shelf from Target, also circa 2007, for the chalkboard to rest on.  And then, even though my dad swore up and down that “they don’t even sell chalk anymore”, I picked up a box at Target and got to chalkin’.

While the placement isn’t ideal {right next to the door and in front of the main light switch}, it was the best spot to place it so it could be seen from the couch and easily accessed for future chalkin’ activity.

Fun fact: I’ve played the guitar since I was 10.  Hubs has been wanting to learn, so I drew him some chords so he could practice on the pretty little Fender he bought me a couple of years ago.

So there you have it.  The house is slowly evolving.  This used to be the crap room, and look at it now.  I’m so proud I could weep into my instant cheese grits.  I’m trying to be cheap without looking like I’m being cheap…is it working?

Goodwill Hunting

Lately I’ve been kinda sorta obsessed with bloggers who redo thrift store furniture and make what’s old new again for next to nothing (mostly here, here and here).  I’ve trolled a few secondhand stores and haven’t found anything legit enough to transform, until yesterday at lunch when I swung by the Goodwill close to my office.

Hubs and I stopped by the same store over the weekend and didn’t find anything worthy, but that’s because we missed about half of the furniture that they had.  This time I took the scenic route, which is how I found this baby hiding in the back corner:

I CANNOT WAIT to paint it and make it insane.  But it’s so pretty on its own that I’m tempted to just leave it as is…but that’s not the point, is it?  Admittedly, I have a very similar table in my living room right now, but it came from a friend who may or may not want it back someday.  I’m not sure if this new one will replace it, or if I’ll find a home for both in my house.  The best part was that I got it for only $23.  Blows my mind.

I swung by Home Depot afterwards to check out the different color options for the table, and ended up coming home with the supplies for a DIY farmhouse chandelier like this one:


I’m probably biting off more than I can chew in both cases.  But that’s how I learn, I suppose.  To the garage!