80’s Kids Movies that Terrified Me

Recently, Barefoot Foodie posted a list of scary movies from her childhood that she would never let her kids watch today.  Go here to read the list.  It’s pretty comprehensive, but I’d also like to add some of the moves that creeped me the F out as well.


The Hugga Bunch

My sister and I had Hugga Bunch dolls as kids.  A girl travels through her bedroom mirror with a Hugga Bunch doll in search of some magic cherries that will help her grandma, the only one who knows how to hug, stay young.  It doesn’t sound scary on the surface…oh, but it was.


Ernest Scared Stupid

An evil troll that turns kids into dolls and then puts them in a tree.  WTF!


Raggedy Ann & Andy

This is unfortunate, since I share a name with one of the protagonists, but the part where they fall in the cave with The Greedy, who was a giant scary lady made of gum, or whatever, was a claustrophobic-in-training’s worst nightmare.


A not-scary movie that I always ask other people if they’ve seen, and then almost always say no, is The Fluppy Dogs!  It was probably, like, a Sunday night special that aired one time only, but we wore out our VHS copy of it.  A bunch of talking, dimension-hopping dogs come to Earth via crystals that can open invisible doors.  Sci-Fi and puppies.  Does it get any better than this?


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