Breaking News: Prince Harry Kisses a Dog

We interrupt these regularly scheduled travel recaps to bring you Prince Harry getting kisses from Will & Kate’s cocker spaniel, Lupo.

I’m not even embarrassed that I didn’t have to look that up.

Well Played, Kate Middleton PLUS PRINCE HARRY Prince Harry Kisses a Dog – Go Fug Yourself.


Hallo and Bonjour and So On

Confession: I was out of the country over the past 2 weeks.  In the interest of our house not getting looted and our dog not getting kidnapped while we were gone, I neglected to mention my specific plans on the world wide web, but if you know me in the world wide world, you were probably aware of the impending adventures.  Shall we recap?  Okay!

The entire trip was born of the desire to go to Oktoberfest in Munich, without actually dealing with crowds and tourists (even though we ourselves are tourists, I know).  When we discovered Fruhlingsfest, the Spring Festival on the Oktoberfest grounds, we started dreaming about flying to Munich in April with two of our friends.  That was in late 2010.  So this had been a long time coming.

My husband is a huge German enthusiast – beer and weiner schnitzel and pretzels – but I’ve always been more partial to the, how do you say, feminine parts of Europe.  I insisted that we also make a stop in Paris if we were flying over the ocean, and everyone obliged.

So the trip had two parts: 4 full days in Munich (with a day trip to Salzburg, Austria), an overnight train to Paris, then 5.5 days in Paris (with a day trip to Brussels, Belgium).  The trip flew by and was packed with sights to see, drinks to drink, and food to consume.  There was also some stalking of the Apple store to check email, some freaking out about the Louvre being a total effing maze, and copious attempts to speak the local languages, which went…okay.

I had a blast and wouldn’t change a thing, except for maybe the size of our hotel room in Munich, which was hella cozy, and the fact that we didn’t buy our train tickets to Brussels in advance, because that shit was expensive.  Other than that, these memories will last a lifetime.

More to come as I go back through pictures and am able to process everything.  I usually get bummed about going back to work at the end of an amazing vacation, but this one takes the cake and I am super depressed to be back in my cubicle 40+ hours per week.  But such is life.

Stay tuned…

Peeta Memes

Fun fact: for the first half of the Hunger Games movie, my older sister, who had not yet read the books, couldn’t figure out Peeta’s real name.  She thought they were saying “Peter” with a British accent.  Makes me giggle.  That was last Friday, after which she borrowed book 1 from my mom, so I can only assume that she’s finished Mockingjay by now.

These Peeta memes, courtesy of, made my Friday morning 1000% brighter, so I hope you enjoy them, too.  Here is a taste:

Treats & Snoozin’

I will never ever get tired of listening to Marcel the Shell’s voice.  If you haven’t watched these, watch them now for your own good.  I am partial to the 2nd one over the 1st one, probably because we’ve been looking at Buster and saying “treats and snoozin’, snoozin’ and treats” at our house for the past month.  I realize that these are not new and not obscure (the first video has over 16 million hits) but in any case, you’re welcome in advance.  Special thanks to my sister Sara for showing them to me in the first place.

Academy A{nnie}wards

When I mentioned to hubs on Sunday morning that the Oscars were on later that night, he started to panic, before I cut him off and reminded him that AWARDS SEASON IS MY FOOTBALL SEASON, and at least I don’t make him go to all of the games, so to speak.  So he mostly let me enjoy them in peace.  And while I am by no means a fashion guru, I do like looking at pretty clothes, and sometimes I even have opinions on them.  I love awards season because people get dressed up and there’s always so much drama about who looks good, who looks bad, who looks one too-enthusiastic-wave away from a nip slip, etc. and I can’t get enough of it.  These are my favorite looks from last night.

Cameron Diaz
I love that her hair is short and she keeps it that way.  She makes me feel better about having super thin hair that looks awkward once it hits my shoulders.  This picture is from the after party because I like this even better than her awards show look.  Not many people can pull off orange.

Shailene Woodley
I think most of my goodwill for her comes from the fact that a) I actually saw The Descendants last week, and b) she has risen above a really horrible ABC Family show to work with George Clooney and get nominated for multiple awards as a result.  This dress might not be the most conventional choice, but I think it suits her fashion sense, because this is a girl that will wear purple pants when everyone else is wearing cocktail dresses.  Also, she just seems really cool and smart and like she’s not taking any of this for granted.  Some people should take notes (*ahem* Rooney Mara).

Emma Stone
I love Emma Stone.  I’m not sure why.  But I think this dress is fun and youthful and looks so snazzy on her.  I appreciate that she didn’t go the strapless route.  And I have two shirts in my closet with similar necklines in similar colors.  Maybe that’s why I like this so much.

Michelle Williams
I never imagined that I would appreciate anything that Michelle Williams wore anytime, ever, because she tends to dress herself like a child who is very aware that she is adorable, and that kind of drives me insane.  But I like this.  Mostly because it doesn’t look like a 12 year old’s cotillion dress.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Smooth Criminal And Such

When the Alien Ant Farm cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” came out, I was a senior in high school (I think?), and my friends would walk up to me, put their hand on my shoulder, and ask sincerely, “Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie?”  That song haunts me.  And yet I also love it.  So when a new and improved version comes out, I am all over it.  Glee covered the song last week, and I am obsessed.  The dueling cello arrangement is genius, as is Santana’s ad-libbing towards the end.  Listen to it here if you need a new song to play on repeat for the rest of the week:

Speaking of music, everybody is freaking out about Lana Del Rey and her authenticity and her lip implants and whatnot.  I think the gist of it is that her dad is rich and maybe helped fund her music habit, and at some point she got passed off onto the indie music scene as some sort of pop star rebel…long story short, her album is out and it’s mostly embarrassing (as in, she uses the word “python” to describe…you know).  She’s like the hipster version of Ke$ha.  But the sound is unique and her voice has an interesting texture, so I don’t hate parts of the album.  Here are the salvagable tracks:

  • Blue Jeans
  • Born to Die
  • Dark Paradise
  • Video Games

I am also really loving the new Gotye song, “Somebody That I Used To Know”.  It’s so depressy and catchy and Sting-y.  But I previewed the rest of the album and it’s sort of schizophrenic, which is disappointing.  I’ll just listen to this track on repeat.  I haven’t watched the video below so I can’t speak to its suitableness for work.  You’ve been warned.

In conclusion, if you’ve read The Hunger Games and it consumed your brain for the better part of a week like it did mine, then feast your ears on the Taylor Swift/Civil Wars song that will be featured on the soundtrack (but not in the movie, because they don’t have music in Panem, obviously).  It’s dreamy.