there is no “i” in yoga

it’s true, that there is no “i” in yoga…but there is a “yo”, and i would like you to remember that.

a few years ago, when hubs and i lived in an apartment in another part of the city, we belonged to a super awesome crunch fitness that had the best fitness classes and was never more than 20% full of people working out…which is probably why it closed its doors shortly after we joined.

at the time i would go to yoga at crunch maybe twice a week.  it was a big room, everybody could spread out, and it was quiet and peaceful, but also a good workout.  when they transferred our memberships to a nearby la fitness without asking us, i came to find that the yoga classes were packed all the time.  by the way, so were the treadmills.  there were 30 treadmills (not exaggerating) and they were all taken, all the time.

when we bought our house we joined a nearby 24 hour fitness, which has no classes.  i miss my crunch yoga classes.  one of our neighbors urged me to look into the class schedule at our local rec center, and finally, this spring, i signed up for rec center yoga.  i was stoked.

this yoga class is very different from the other ones i have taken.  i am the youngest person by a solid 20 years.  the room is tiny, has low ceilings, and does not provide a lot of space between you and your yogi neighbor.  the instructor is bubbly and talkative, and people ask questions.  oh they ask questions!

“what is this supposed to feel like in my hip joint?” “i have weak knees, do you think i can do this pose?” “can you personally tailor this class to my needs and my needs only?” (i made that last one up.) we spend probably 30% of the class talking about yoga, and not actually doing any yoga.

interactive yoga seems kind of like the opposite of how yoga is supposed to go, right?

the first 3 classes were normal, and i could tell i was becoming much more flexible, especially in my hamstrings.  i have also been complimented by the instructor on my “very open hips”, so take that for what you will.

but then in week 4, our instructor surprised us with partner poses.  partner poses, i tell you!  putting your body on another stranger’s body!  my worst nightmare, probably!

that week, a stranger got very hands-on with my lower-lower back.  on week 5, i had to put my bare feet against the bare feet of a sheepish but sweaty older man.  then we held hands and pulled our faces towards each other.  week 6 involved putting my hands on someone else’s lower back and gently rocking their body back and forth.  YOU GUYS.  I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS.

week 7 offer a sweet respite from stranger touching, and i was thrilled.  but this week, week 8, when it came time to get dressed for yoga, i just didn’t have it in me to sit in a dark room and touch somebody else.  could not do it again.

so i stayed home and vowed to do a yoga video alone in my basement.  oh, my beloved yoga video.  the one that asks that you “soften the belly” and “breath into your kidneys” and “relax your palate”.  i will take you over creepy and uncomfortable partners yoga any day.

though sometimes it is difficult to concentrate on the video, thanks to a certain someone who does a very convincing downward-facing dog.


Charlotte, Here We Come


The impossible has happened.

Georgia Tech has made it to the ACC championship game.  Which sounds insane to me because back in September it seemed like all we did was lose.  To be fair, we did not actually earn this: Miami is supposed to go but self-sanctioned themselves out of the game for reasons that are better googled than explained here.

Hubs and I went to the ACC championship game in Jacksonville in 2006, where we lost to Wake Forest 9-6.  The weather was shitty and it was the worst.

We went to the game in 2009 where we beat Clemson, and then later “forfeited” because of “shenanigans” and NCAA sanctions or something.  But I was there and we won and IT WAS VERY REAL.  But the drive was long, and the weather was again shitty.

So in hubs’s pleas to go to Charlotte for the 2012 game, I have had to do a little bit of dirty negotiating.  Here’s how it goes:

hubs: how do you feel about charlotte in dec?
me: it is another weekend that will be sacrificed to football
me: so i’m going to need some concessions from you

me: i want a WHOLE weekend from you
me: christmas shopping, garage sales, antiquing
me: and you can’t look at your phone the entire time we are shopping
hubs: boom
me: and you have to go in every store with me
me: and you have to listen to my thoughts and opinions and wonderment on every goddamn piece of furniture i contemplate
me: can you do that for me?
hubs: yes i can
me:one more thing

me: i want christmas music monopoly in the car from now until dec 26th

hubs: channel xm 13 is xmas already

me: but are all of your presets set to christmas channels?
hubs: not yet
me: keyword: yet

I will believe it when I see it.

I feel pretty good about this arrangement.

Gooooooo Jackets…!!!


I survived September.  It used to be my favorite month, but this year I’m just happy that I made it through.  Why, you ask?

FREAKING FOOTBALL SEASON.  I’m lookin’ at you, Georgia Tech.

Now don’t get me wrong: I like college football, and I like tailgating.  But this year we had 4 home games IN A ROW in September.  IN A ROW!!!  Every Saturday in September was spent tailgating for Georgia Tech football.

I couldn’t get my oil changed.  I couldn’t set up appointments to look at Craigslist furniture.  I couldn’t get any home improvement projects done that take longer than a Sunday afternoon.  It was EXHAUSTING.

And our team also lost a lot.

The real tease is that after a crappy loss, hubs will be like, screw this next week let’s not even tailgate and we’ll leave at halftime!  And then by the following Friday he’s all how many kegs should I get for the tailgate tomorrow?  He should know by now not to get my hopes up in such a way.

Anyway, now it’s October and we have 3 homes games left over the next 2 months.  I suppose that’s the plus side to all of this griping.

Hubs and I both turned 29 this past month.  We are now fully immersed in the final year of our twenties.  I should care more, but I don’t.  It’s life, we get older, I’m okay with it.  But check back with me in a year when I’m thirty and lamenting the loss of my youth.

I pre-ordered the iPhone 5 exactly 3 weeks ago.  My ship date was 14-21 days.  AT&T is still “processing” my order.  Which wouldn’t be a problem except:

I have never actually needed a new phone until now.  I kept my 3GS for 2.5 years without issue.  But now it’s on its last leg.  Ship swiftly, AT&T!

What else what else…

EVERYONE I KNOW IS PREGNANT.  At least that’s how it feels.  I know at least 7 people who are just entering their second trimester.  Hubs’s reaction every time I tell him a new person is preggo is what were people DOING in May? and if they live in close proximity to us it’s DON’T DRINK THE WATER!

We like babies.  We’re just not there yet.

My October is going to be filled with home improvement projects and pumpkin-flavored everything.  Maybe October should be my new favorite month…

Here is a preview:

Digging Out

Apologies for the radio silence over the past week.  I’m sure both of you (zing!) were wondering, why haven’t I seen a new post from Anne in a few days?

Truth be told, the last week has been nuts.

Work was busy like I’ve never experienced before, thanks to a little bit of this (we got Bobbed, a la Office Space):

And then in an epic battle of the Techs, Georgia Tech took a big hit in a loss against Virginia Tech on Thursday night, which I witnessed firsthand, in the cold, where even ski socks and parkas couldn’t keep me warm.  Stupid turkeys.

On Saturday, I had the honor of being one of my best friend’s bridesmaids in her wedding.  Hubs was a groomsman too, and we had a blast celebrating.  I don’t have pictures yet, but this is the dress that the bride wore, and it was a-MAHZ-ing.  But in white, because she’s not weird like Gwen Stefani.

To top things off, I moved into a new cube at work today.  And by new cube, I mean they relocated our whole team into an annex building, so now we feel like outcasts and we’re having a hard time finding our way around.  Also, someone in IT who is “testing the wireless signal” is actually watching American Psycho in one of our conference rooms.  I’m not even going to try to google image that movie.  This is how I choose to remember Christian Bale:

Laurie, forever.

Tuesday Tidbits: GT, Google & Gnomes

I’ve been MIA the past couple of days because of a big presentation I had to give at work.  It went fine, but the preparation psyched me out a little bit, and even though I thought I was totally calm and prepared and knew my shit like I know the layout of our remote control, I still shook a little bit while presenting.  Still, I think it went fine.

Tuesday Tidbits!

1.  If you are a Georgia Tech fan, go here and read about a hypothetical conversation between our terrifying football coach, Paul Johnson, and a student in the dorms.  So freaking funny.

2.  Have you ever look at Google Trends, where you can see what people are searching for the most on Google?  Today’s top searches include “quarry”, “Kristin Cavallari”, and “guinea worm”.  In contrast, the top Google searches that lead people to my blog are “ikea henny rand curtains“, “how to domesticate a squirrel“, and “why is my husband messing with my head”.  I’m not really sure which post that last Google search leads people to…but I’m proud.

3.  Speaking of gnomes, this is what my dad got me for my birthday:

It’s a sticker that says “Chillin’ with my Gnomies”.  Seriously.  I alluded to what this might mean here.  But I’m still not ready to talk about it.


I shit you not, I wrote this whole post thinking that it was Tuesday night.  I think I’m going to go pour a glass of wine and cry into it for a while.

Coupontastic Weekend In Review

This weekend was busy, to say the least.  Everything that happened was super fun and awesome, but at the same time, it all made the weekend go by way too quickly, and now it’s Monday.  Everybody hates Mondays.  Unless you work one of those weird shifts where your weekend is Tuesday/Wednesday, in which case, TGIM!

Without going into too much detail, here’s what went on while I was too lazy/hungover to blog about it:

Friday Night!

  • Raked and mowed the yard, amidst protests from our neighbors to “pay somebody to do that for you!”
  • Got a free entree (coupon #1) from Moe’s..
  • Cleaned the house in preparation for Saturday festivities.  Felt super lame once we realized it was Friday night and we were knee-deep in lysol wipes.


  • Hubs spent 3.5 hours on a trek to find sausage at a German butchershop.  He came home triumphant and now our house smells like bacon/childhood obesity.
  • I dropped off Buster at the groomer, bought a shirt at Kohl’s for $0.21 (coupon #2), and ran 2.25 miles on a trail so hilly hat my quads are still crying.
  • We had people over in the afternoon to watch the Georgia Tech/NC State game, which GT won.  Copious amounts of tequila were consumed (mostly by yours truly) and our friend Greg pretended to drop my ice cream birthday cake on the floor…but it was just the box.  I hate you, Greg!


  • Ate breakfast at Panera, got hubs a free cinnamon roll (coupon #3) because I have Panera problems.
  • Volunteered at my favorite pet rescue (puppppppppies!) while hubs watched all of the NFL football that he could handle.  [Sidenote: my fantasy team was hopeless against Aaron Rodgers, who scored 50+ (fake) points.  Additionally, I can’t believe I care about this.]
  • Went to dinner at an Irish pub and got free sticky toffee pudding (coupon #4) for dessert.  They were out of all of the awesome stuff, like meatloaf and Bailey’s cheesecake (love us some Bailey’s) because of a Herman Cain rally they had a few hours beforehand, so we had to settle for peasanty food, like grilled chicken and fried pickles.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend.  I neglected to take a single picture though, so I’ve illustrated it for you below.

Tuesday Tidbits: Football, Rihanna, and Toilets

These tidbits are brought to you by the random occurrences that pepper my otherwise mundane life, and also my lack of attention span/life purpose, etc. ad nauseum.

  • I am currently ranked #1 in my fantasy football league.  Why is this important?  Because it is a work league, and I am the only girl that they allowed to join this year.  I won’t get my hopes up and assume that it’s going to last, but I’m going to savor it while the guy who sits behind me is 0-3 and in last place.
  • Rihanna got kicked off of a farm in Ireland when the farmer who had given her permission to film there noticed that she was hardly wearing any clothing.  He asked her to leave, and she obliged him.  He is quoted as saying, “I wish no ill will against Rihanna and her friends…perhaps they could acquaint themselves with a greater God.” THIS IS AWESOME. (full story here)
  • I came thisclose to dropping my work ID badge into the toilet at work today.  What would I have done if it had fallen in?  Fished it out and washed my hands 100+ times?  Tried to flush it?  Asked maintenance to come get it out for me?  Crisis averted…for now.