Whoopsie Daisy

*ahem* I apologize for the delay in, well, posting anything for the last couple of weeks.  I’ve been tired.  My brain, specifically.  And sometimes I get lazy and just don’t feel like posting, well, anything.  But!  Here is a rundown of where I’ve been and what you’ve missed (if you’ve missed it).

Hubs and I ran a 5k so we could hopefully get a better seed in a big 10k that we run every summer.  But it turns out that our 10k time from 2 years ago got us a better slot than our 5k time from a few weeks ago, so it was pointless.  At least I got a not-horrible race photo out of it:

This is the last 0.1 miles, right when I realized that my shoelace, which was holding my car key in place, was coming untied, which was inconvenient to say the least.

We also made the annual trek to Savannah, Georgia to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with hubs’s parents and all of his best friends from high school.  It was SO much fun.  I especially love the sweet hats that my mother-in-law bought for us to wear.

St. Paddy’s is like Christmas in Savannah.  Everything is closed, everybody watches a ginormous parade, and my father-in-law picks us up when we’re drunk and ready to come home…so it’s more like a prom that everyone goes to, really.

Buster was especially exhausted from all of the excitement.  We also found out on this car ride that he hates motorcycles.

My mom’s birthday was on Saturday, so, being the young adults that we are, my 3 sisters and I took her to see The Hunger Games on Friday night.  I was so excited to see the movie, but it was hard not to notice all of the differences from the book that I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I will the 2nd time around (when I force hubs to take me again (later this week)).  My oldest sister hadn’t read the book, so seeing her reaction to things like the part where they revoke the 2-winners-from-1-district rule were priceless (“Seriously?!?  Are you kidding me!?!”).  We also sat in front of a row of 11 year olds, who screamed “My life is oooooover!” everytime Katniss and Peeta kissed.  I assumed they were not on Team Gale.

I will admit that every time Katniss and Peeta had an emotional moment, I couldn’t stop thinking about this:

Damn you, interwebz.

That is pretty much all that you missed while I was being lazy and not blogging.  The end.


How Is It Only Wednesday?!

Is this week moving slow as molasses for anybody else?  It feels endlesssssssss.

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook last night, and it made me guffaw out loud, while hubs sat in silence reading the PAPER VERSION of the Wall Street Journal.  There’s no mistaking who the old soul is in our house.

Also, after yesterday’s lackluster reaction to the Lana Del Rey album courtesy of yours truly, it appears that the rock gods were not in agreement as I awoke today to this tweet from Chris Martin of Coldplay:


I haven’t run in a week and a half, due to the bruise on my ankle.  I can’t even walk around in running shoes yet.  I’ve biked barefoot in my basement a few times while trying to decipher the plot of Pretty Little Liars/the meaning of life, but it’s not the same.  There was so much progress, and now I’ll be lucky if I break 40 minutes on our upcoming 5k, which is in…4 weeks.  FML.

This VW commercial from the Super Bowl makes me feel a little bit better.  I think it was my favorite.  What was yours?

Quit Typing 2011 Already

Apologies for the December sabbatical that I took from the blog.  I think I needed a break from life over the holidays.  Any grand plans I had to be productive were abandoned for some good old fashioned me time.  Here’s what I did over the past few weeks:

The Hunger Games: all 3 books in the trilogy (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay) in about 7 days, only interrupted by Christmas day itself.  I was obsessed.  The movie looks killer and much better than Twilight, probably.

Then I started Mindy Kaling’s book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?  And Other Concerns.  My Dad gifted it to me for Christmas with a “is this book about insecurities and lack of self-confidence, or…?”

A shit ton of movies, for me: Winter’s Bone, Pretty Woman, The Kids Are All Right, Heathers
{Fun fact: I convinced hubs to watch Pretty Woman by telling him that there was a surprise twist ending.  Spoiler alert: there wasn’t.}

In the car for lots of hours between my in-law’s house and my own.  It was Buster’s first road trip, and he did pretty well, aside from the nose prints and the couple of times that he insisted on riding up front with me.

Hubs and I began a Couch-to-5k running plan that we are constantly trying to catch up with (completed workouts on the “Meh-xercise” page).  I timed it perfectly to coincide with a Valentine’s Day themed 5k in February, and then we almost immediately fell behind for various reasons.  But we’re committed to doing all of the workouts before race day.  And by race, I mean waddle.

Most importantly, I spent time with my entire family, and loved every second of it.  Especially the moment when I realized that the confetti I had intended my nephew to dig through to find his Christmas presents would become airborne as soon as he opened the box.  My bad.

I hope you also had a restful and me-time-filled holiday break of some sort.  Now back to our regularly scheduled job-hating, sleep-depriving, stress-causing lives.

Creeptastic Weekend In Review

Well, I did it.  I ran 20 miles last week.  While it took me 7 days and 7 separate runs, I feel pretty good about knocking out that many miles while starting from scratch (see my workout log here).  Will I do it again soon?  Probably not.  But I’m more comfortable with the idea of heading out and knocking out 3 miles as a regular workout.  Except…

Remember last week when a strange man at the park told me I have perfect teeth?  Well yesterday, my friend Lauren and I saw him while we were walking our dogs at the same park.  He tried to get our attention, and I tried desperately not to make eye contact, but he stopped me and said, “Hey – perfect teeth!”  Then he pointed at Lauren and said, “tell her, too, she has perfect teeth, too!”  Which is dumb, because he didn’t even see our teeth.  Unless he has x-ray vision, which is a whole ‘nother type of problem.  Last week I thought he was cooky, and this week I am on high alert.  My mom wants me to call the parks department, which makes me giggle.

In other news, our foster puppy Fiona was adopted on Saturday.  Buster is in mourning.  I really enjoyed having a second dog.  For a week.  But watching her constantly to make sure she didn’t pee on anything (mostly our couch) and being the puppetmaster while walking two dogs at once reminded me that I don’t want a second dog.  One is fine.

But I reserve the right to change my mind.  I heart puppies.  Especially homeless ones.

A 20 Mile Week

Somehow, some way, this week I have given myself a kick in the ass, and decided to run 20 miles.  It wasn’t on purpose.

Sunday: Went to a local park with a 5k loop.  1st mile hurt, 2nd would’ve felt fine if it weren’t for the STUPID hills, and 3rd felt awesome, except then it was over.  In the last 100 yards, a questionable-looking man waved at me and tried to get me to stop, but since I was on a roll and am not interested in being kidnapped, I kept running past him as I politely smiled.  He then gave me a thumbs up and said, “Perfect teeth!”  Which was nice of him, I guess.

[Moral of the park run is: Buster doesn’t slow me down.  I was just as slow by myself as I am when the dog is with me.  I guess I can’t blame him anymore for my running sucktitude.]

Monday: Hubs and I went to the same local park, except we ran on a track that loops around two pee wee football fields.  Each lap was 0.3 miles, and it felt like it took forevvvvvver to finish all 3 miles.  But I did it.  Hubs has started casually training for an urbanathlon, which is FREAKING NUTS, so he did various lunges and burpees and sprints, while I jogged in circles just fast enough to not be walking.  Running laps is so boring.  I also forgot my shuffle so maybe that had something to do with it.

Tuesday: Dreary weather in Atlanta, so hubs and I headed to the gym, and I treadmilled it.  I decided just to run at a leisurely pace, and OMGYOUGUYS, I run so slowly!  A comfortable, sustainable pace for me was 4.4 mph.  FOUR-POINT-FOUR.  Running that slowly allowed me to run for almost the full 45 minutes that I was on the treadmill, but goodness, my legs are short.  This run felt better than the other two though.

If I’m going to do 20 miles this week, I’ll need to run 3 miles each of the next 3 days, and then 2 on Saturday.  I think I can do it.  If not, then I will publicly admit defeat on the interwebnets, which would be humiliating (if anybody read my blog).  I think I can I think I can…

Coupontastic Weekend In Review

This weekend was busy, to say the least.  Everything that happened was super fun and awesome, but at the same time, it all made the weekend go by way too quickly, and now it’s Monday.  Everybody hates Mondays.  Unless you work one of those weird shifts where your weekend is Tuesday/Wednesday, in which case, TGIM!

Without going into too much detail, here’s what went on while I was too lazy/hungover to blog about it:

Friday Night!

  • Raked and mowed the yard, amidst protests from our neighbors to “pay somebody to do that for you!”
  • Got a free entree (coupon #1) from Moe’s..
  • Cleaned the house in preparation for Saturday festivities.  Felt super lame once we realized it was Friday night and we were knee-deep in lysol wipes.


  • Hubs spent 3.5 hours on a trek to find sausage at a German butchershop.  He came home triumphant and now our house smells like bacon/childhood obesity.
  • I dropped off Buster at the groomer, bought a shirt at Kohl’s for $0.21 (coupon #2), and ran 2.25 miles on a trail so hilly hat my quads are still crying.
  • We had people over in the afternoon to watch the Georgia Tech/NC State game, which GT won.  Copious amounts of tequila were consumed (mostly by yours truly) and our friend Greg pretended to drop my ice cream birthday cake on the floor…but it was just the box.  I hate you, Greg!


  • Ate breakfast at Panera, got hubs a free cinnamon roll (coupon #3) because I have Panera problems.
  • Volunteered at my favorite pet rescue (puppppppppies!) while hubs watched all of the NFL football that he could handle.  [Sidenote: my fantasy team was hopeless against Aaron Rodgers, who scored 50+ (fake) points.  Additionally, I can’t believe I care about this.]
  • Went to dinner at an Irish pub and got free sticky toffee pudding (coupon #4) for dessert.  They were out of all of the awesome stuff, like meatloaf and Bailey’s cheesecake (love us some Bailey’s) because of a Herman Cain rally they had a few hours beforehand, so we had to settle for peasanty food, like grilled chicken and fried pickles.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend.  I neglected to take a single picture though, so I’ve illustrated it for you below.