men are afraid of eyebrows: an observation

you know what i have noticed? hubs is terrified of me changing my eyebrows in any way shape or form. my eyebrows are normal: not too thin, not too bushy, nothing special going on between my eyes and my hairline. but twice in recent history has hubs shown concern for any sort of eyebrow experimentation. two earth-shattering conversations, for your reading pleasure.


[on filling in my eyebrows with eyebrow filler or whatever it’s called]

me: sara colored in her eyebrows, and they look really good, i was thinking-
hubs: please don’t do that to your eyebrows.
me: what, fill them in?
hubs: yeah.
me: do you even know what that means?
hubs: no, but please don’t do it.
me: i wouldn’t make them like crazy black caterpillar eyebrows or anything, i just-
me: …okay.

[on trimming my eyebrows with scissors, as women do]

me: i think i need to have erin teach me how to trim my eyebrows, they’re not bushy but i’m afraid the hairs are getting too long.
hubs: no your eyebrows are fine.
me: how would you know? you’re a boy.
hubs: you don’t need to trim them, they’re fine the way they are.
me: but what if they’re too lo-
me: …okay.

what i’m realizing now is that it’s probably my mistake for mentioning my eyebrows to my husband in the first place? because he was probably picturing a worst-case-scenario when i brought them up:


or do you think my husband just has this other-worldly sense for when eyebrows need or don’t need work? marriage, am i right?

Twisted Sista

I saw this hair tutorial on, and decided to give it a whirl this morning before work.  And wouldn’t you know, I am capable of doing something to my hair that doesn’t involve verbally abusing it:

I even got a compliment on it from a woman at my office that I’ve never exchanged words with before.  Although she wanted to know how it was done so she could do it to her daughter’s hair, but…still.  Small victories!

Here’s another view:

Please pardon the awkward photos.  I was trying to hold the camera low enough so the guy who sits behind me wouldn’t realize that I was taking pictures of myself at work.

Hubs affectionately calls this hairdo my “Jheri Curl”.  He was trying to make me feel insecure about it so I would keep messing with it and then he’d be able to leave the house before me this morning.  It’s a fun little game we like to play, titled “Are You Really Going To Work Looking Like That?”  It’s all about the love at our house.

Tuesday Tidbits: Smoothies, Hairdos, & Costumes

It’s Tuesday, right?  Thought so.  I’ve had multiple people tell me that today feels like Monday round 2 for some reason.  Uggghhh, Muesday.

1. Smoothies

I am on a smoothie binge this week.  I think I’ve made 4 in the past 48 hours.  A tribute, in the form of a poem:

I’ll drink a smoothie as a snack
I’ll drink one lying on my back
I’ll drink it straight from the blender
Because I’m on a smoothie bender

2. Hair Don’ts

I am somewhat hair impaired, by nature and by skill (it’s like my hands become useless as soon as the disappear behind my giant skull), but I recently found this blog that has video tutorials for all sorts of different hair tricks and styles.  With my short/fine/thin hair, I generally come up with a I-put-the-blowdryer-on-high-and-this-is-what-I-got style, but I’m going to give some of these a whirl and try to shake things up a bit.  Stay tuned.

3. My Dog Is Gonna Hate Me

I may have bought this Halloween costume for Buster while on a Petsmart run today.  I was originally leaning towards dressing him up as a chicken or a frog, but ultimately decided on the bumble bee outfit yellow jacket costume.  I generally despise Halloween, so I have no costume planned for myself…yet.