men are afraid of eyebrows: an observation

you know what i have noticed? hubs is terrified of me changing my eyebrows in any way shape or form. my eyebrows are normal: not too thin, not too bushy, nothing special going on between my eyes and my hairline. but twice in recent history has hubs shown concern for any sort of eyebrow experimentation. two earth-shattering conversations, for your reading pleasure.


[on filling in my eyebrows with eyebrow filler or whatever it’s called]

me: sara colored in her eyebrows, and they look really good, i was thinking-
hubs: please don’t do that to your eyebrows.
me: what, fill them in?
hubs: yeah.
me: do you even know what that means?
hubs: no, but please don’t do it.
me: i wouldn’t make them like crazy black caterpillar eyebrows or anything, i just-
me: …okay.

[on trimming my eyebrows with scissors, as women do]

me: i think i need to have erin teach me how to trim my eyebrows, they’re not bushy but i’m afraid the hairs are getting too long.
hubs: no your eyebrows are fine.
me: how would you know? you’re a boy.
hubs: you don’t need to trim them, they’re fine the way they are.
me: but what if they’re too lo-
me: …okay.

what i’m realizing now is that it’s probably my mistake for mentioning my eyebrows to my husband in the first place? because he was probably picturing a worst-case-scenario when i brought them up:


or do you think my husband just has this other-worldly sense for when eyebrows need or don’t need work? marriage, am i right?


Twisted Sista

I saw this hair tutorial on, and decided to give it a whirl this morning before work.  And wouldn’t you know, I am capable of doing something to my hair that doesn’t involve verbally abusing it:

I even got a compliment on it from a woman at my office that I’ve never exchanged words with before.  Although she wanted to know how it was done so she could do it to her daughter’s hair, but…still.  Small victories!

Here’s another view:

Please pardon the awkward photos.  I was trying to hold the camera low enough so the guy who sits behind me wouldn’t realize that I was taking pictures of myself at work.

Hubs affectionately calls this hairdo my “Jheri Curl”.  He was trying to make me feel insecure about it so I would keep messing with it and then he’d be able to leave the house before me this morning.  It’s a fun little game we like to play, titled “Are You Really Going To Work Looking Like That?”  It’s all about the love at our house.

Tuesday Tidbits: Smoothies, Hairdos, & Costumes

It’s Tuesday, right?  Thought so.  I’ve had multiple people tell me that today feels like Monday round 2 for some reason.  Uggghhh, Muesday.

1. Smoothies

I am on a smoothie binge this week.  I think I’ve made 4 in the past 48 hours.  A tribute, in the form of a poem:

I’ll drink a smoothie as a snack
I’ll drink one lying on my back
I’ll drink it straight from the blender
Because I’m on a smoothie bender

2. Hair Don’ts

I am somewhat hair impaired, by nature and by skill (it’s like my hands become useless as soon as the disappear behind my giant skull), but I recently found this blog that has video tutorials for all sorts of different hair tricks and styles.  With my short/fine/thin hair, I generally come up with a I-put-the-blowdryer-on-high-and-this-is-what-I-got style, but I’m going to give some of these a whirl and try to shake things up a bit.  Stay tuned.

3. My Dog Is Gonna Hate Me

I may have bought this Halloween costume for Buster while on a Petsmart run today.  I was originally leaning towards dressing him up as a chicken or a frog, but ultimately decided on the bumble bee outfit yellow jacket costume.  I generally despise Halloween, so I have no costume planned for myself…yet.

Are You Sure I Have Thin Hair?

If fine, thin, flat hair has a poster child, I am it.  I’m like the Gerber Baby of the follically challenged.  In case you are wondering, as most hairstylists do:

  • Yes, it’s always been this way.
  • No, I’m not on some weird medication that made my hair like this.
  • Yes, all of my sisters have lustrous heads of hair.
  • No, you can’t call all of the other stylists over to feel my head.
  • Yes, I’ve tried Nioxin and it made my hair smell like a haystack.
  • No, I will not tie it up in a silk scarf while I sleep to prevent further thinning; my anti-grinding mouthguard is enough of a turnoff to my husband as it is.

That’s really me with my older sister, circa 1986, probably.

Thus, I am constantly on the lookout for products that can beef up my mane.  I’ve tried pretty much ever mousse available at major retailers, I’ve splurged on the fancy stuff from my hair salon, and I’ve tried three different root lifting foams, but they all fail me in some way, whether by making my hair crunchy and stiff or by being discontinued completely (happens a lot).

Recently I had two different friends preach the benefits of one volumizing product in particular: Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray.  One of said friends had a spare bottle and gave it to me to try, and I have to say, so far I love it.  It gives me volume and keeps my hair soft and light without making it crunchy or weird!  It’s definitely more amped up volume-wise.  Another plus: you don’t have to get your hands all gunked up like you do when applying mousse.  Just spray it in and blow dry and you’re done.  As far as I can tell, there is no trace of it when I run my fingers through my hair.  It is awesome.  So far.  Sometimes these love affairs are fleeting.

At $26 per bottle, it sure ain’t cheap, but French people spend something like $100,000 on beauty products in their lifetime, so I figure one little bottle of this stuff every once in a while still won’t put me in that ballpark.  I’ll indulge in this one splurge, and continue to cut corners on things like wine and oil changes.  10,000 miles is the new 3,000 miles, am I right?

I’m Not Ashamed Of My Super Cheap Haircuts

I got my hair cut yesterday.  At Great Clips.  For $9.99.  My hair is so thin that I can’t justify spending $75 for what is literally a 30 second trim.  I’m okay with this…don’t judge me.

EXCEPT ADDITIONALLY: I didn’t realize until dinner time last night that when the hairdresser told me $9.99, I handed her a $20, she gave me $10 back, and I DID NOT LEAVE A TIP.  See what happens when I pay in cash?  I am a terrible person.

My Dog Is A Pansy When It’s Hot

I was super excited to take a half-day off of work today so I could come home at noon, spend some time with my puppy, and then head to the hair salon to get my highlights done.  I was determined to give Buster a workout so he’d be nice and relaxed for the rest of the night.

However, this is what my dog does when I walk him during the Summer in the South:

He lays down in the middle of the street!  This photo was taken in front of my NEXT DOOR neighbor’s house.  That means he made it 1 house down before he needed a break from the heat.  When it’s hot, his walks take soooo long.  He stops every 10 feet, and sits there thinking, Don’t you see my fur coat?  How would you feel if you had a body full of fluffy and some ASSHOLE wanted YOU to walk down the street at noon in July in Georgia?  That’s what I thought.

Needless to say, Buster didn’t quite get the workout I intended for him.  But he was super excited when I got home from the bar with my BFF L.J. and decided to jog around the  block with him, while wearing flip flops.

I’m sure my neighbors were super pleased to hear slap slap slap slap slap as Buster got 1/2 mile out of his system at midnight, as I prayed that I wouldn’t trip and scrape my face on the asphalt.  Mission (miraculously) accomplished.

A Brownie Going Blonde

This time tomorrow, I’m going to be blonde.

Let me give you a brief hair history.  When I was little, I was definitely a blondie.

As I grew older, my hair started to become darker.

When I got to middle school, I panicked and used Sun-In to try and delay the inevitable.

I eventually overcompensated and went the opposite direction, sometimes dyeing my hair jet black.

I finally got comfortable/lazy with my hair and just let it be what it was meant to be…light brown.  I was once told that “people would KILL for” my natural highlights…this is unconfirmed.

I’ve always wanted to lighten my hair, but fear has always overtaken.  Will it be expensive?  Would I rather spend the money on clothes/travel/another puppy (hubby would kill me…totally worth it)?  Will I regret messing with my God-given hair color that is, by all accounts, completely acceptable?

There are a couple of reasons I’m considering taking the leap, and they only get stronger as I get older.  My hair is SERIOUSLY thin.  It’s been that way since I was a kid, which I partially blame on things like thyroid disease (more on that later), but which is more likely attributed to plain old bad luck.  All of my sisters (yes, I said all) have hair of normal thickness.  I’m having a good day if you can’t see my scalp.

Additionally, lightening your hair expands the hair shaft, and makes your hair feel/appear thicker.  Hell yes it does!  And lastly, I am no spring chicken: I am 27, and the older I get, the closer I come to having gray hair.  I’d like to preemptively hide the evidence.

So tomorrow night, I will hopefully be freshly highlighted and feeling no regret.  My hair has been its natural color for at least the past 10 years.  I’m afraid to mess with a good thing, but at the same time, what do I have to lose?  My hair’s not that great anyway.

Stay tuned for the before and after.  I’m sure it will be exhilarating.