don’t blow it

i am not sure if this is the correct way to use pinterest or not, but when i’m having a bad day at work, i like to click on the “humor” section to get a few giggles and make my day a little bit brighter, by seeing things like this:


or this:


or maybe this:


saving that last one for our future child’s first halloween costume.  god i love pinterest.

so yesterday, as i browsed the humor section, i came across something labeled “16 ways i blew my marriage”, and i thought, that does not belong here.  but i was intrigued, so i clicked on it to see what it could possibly be about.

in short, it is an article written by a man who has been divorced twice, listing out all of the things he would have done differently in marriage to keep it from ending in divorce.  there’s also a part 2, which brings the total number of ways to mess up your marriage to 32.  awesome!


[SNL skit here, for reference.]

it is full of some simple tips like “don’t stop holding her hand” and “don’t poop with the bathroom door open”, and some maybe not so obvious ones, such as “don’t encourage each other to skip working out” and “don’t make her do the gross and scary things” (like kill bugs and unclog drains).

some of the tips may apply to you, and some may not, but it’s definitely an interesting and honest list, and i wish there was a version written by a woman so that we could read both sides of the marriage story.


i sent the links to hubs, not as a “hey don’t mess up our marriage” but as more of a “hey i thought this list was interesting please don’t hate me”.  his response was something along the lines of “why do you hate me so much” (which is actually more of a term of endearment in our relationship, but that is another story for another day).

here is the thing.  i am happily married.  like, my husband is my best friend and marrying him is the only thing i have never had to doubt or analyze in my entire life.  he is the one.  we will be together forever.  he will never get away (muahahaha…).


that being said, being that i am a child of divorce, i am not naive about marriage.  i do not assume that it will be easy, that our marriage will always work with ease, and that life will never throw us a situation that we can’t handle.  i assume that it’s going to be hard and that it will take work to have a successful marriage.  but i know that we will make it for the long haul together, and articles like this one are just tools we can use to strengthen things now.  can’t hurt!

here are the links to his articles if you would like to read for yourself:

part 1:

part 2:

and now that i have reached my semi-serious post quota for the month of march, i will leave you with this:


oh snap!


green smoothie tips & tricks: learn from my mistakes

hubs and i ponied up a few weeks ago and bought the rolls royce of blenders, a vitamix.  it is INSANE.  we’ve made at least one smoothie per day in the month that we’ve had it, and i am loving it.

i’m also shocked that hubs loves it too.  this morning he had to leave for work early and asked me to make our daily smoothies before he left.  i resisted until hubs said “that’s fine, i guess i’ll just get some solid foods to eat for breakfast…” and then made a sad face.  so i made us some smoothies.

we learned pretty quickly what works and what doesn’t work in a smoothie, so today i am going to share my knowledge with you so you don’t have to make the same mistakes we’ve made.


here’s how we load up our blender.  this makes 2 big smoothies.  probably 4 small ones but who wants a small smoothie for breakfast?  you’ll be starving by 9 a.m.

how to fill up your blender (in this order)

1. water
fill the pitcher with water until the water level is just above the blade.  you don’t need much.

2. veggies
2 large carrots, and either 2 celery stalks or 1/2 of a cucumber.  celery and cucumber have stronger tastes when in a smoothie.  use them wisely.

3. citrus
1 whole navel orange and 1 whole lime or lemon
[we like to cut the peel off of the orange with a knife to leave the healthy rind.  we peel the lime/lemon old-school style.]

4. frozen fruit
3 cups of any frozen fruit
[in my opinion, a variety of mango/pineapple/peaches/strawberries works the best.  frozen bananas work well too but the taste is strong.  if you add blueberries, your smoothie will turn brown.  it will be delicious but will also look disgusting.]

4. seeds
1 tablespoon flax seeds, 1 tablespoon chia seeds
[flax seeds prevent cancer, or something, and chia seeds help grab toxins in your gut and flush them out. awesome!]

5. green stuff
2 cups of spinach, kale, or both
[parsley is also good for the gut, you can add that in too.  spinach is the most neutral taste-wise.]

6. ice
2 cups of ice
[if you’re blending the night before, leave this out – it’ll just melt.  i like the crunchy texture that the ice gives the smoothie but hubs differs.  it’s up to you.]

now i am not saying this is a miracle breakfast, but for what it’s worth, my caffeine headaches have disappeared since we started drinking these on a daily basis.  HMMM…!!!

a few quick no-no’s that i have learned in my short time with these smoothies:

  • bell peppers: strong, spicy taste. don’t do it!
  • apples: the make the smoothie frothy which i…don’t appreciate.
  • bananas: if you add bananas, you won’t be able to taste any of the wonderful tropical frozen fruits. and i also don’t like the taste of bananas. oh snap!
  • sweetener (honey, stevia, etc.): i don’t think these smoothies need sweetener, it just competes with all of the natural sweetness of the fruits.  skip it.
  • dairy (yogurt, ice cream, etc.): you don’t need it.  these smoothies are, well, smooth without it.  and i’m also a little suspicious of dairy and its intentions in general, so…
  • dates: we’ve been adding 1 or 2 dates, but i’m not sure they’re necessary.  they are high in sugar content and i’m not sure you can actually taste them.  to be continued.

I can’t mention green eating and smoothies without also giving a shoutout to my favorite show (that will probably get cancelled soon) happy endings.  this clip is from my favorite episode of all time, in which alex and penny go on a cleanse.

and that is all of the wisdom i have for you on green smoothies.  so far so good!

gettin’ it done

it is rare that i wake up on a saturday morning with a fire lit under me to get stuff done, but it happened this weekend and i am so proud of myself, and of hubs because if it was up to him we probably would’ve laid on the couch and watched soccer all weekend (like football and baseball aren’t enough, now we are watching SOCCER, you guys!).  but he helped me be productive, and for that, i am grateful.

here is what we did:

i painted our upstairs hallway the same gray color that we used in our living room/den downstairs (behr dolphin fin).  gray is my favorite neutral – it is so soothing and makes me feel happy.  there are 6 doors in this tiny hallway, but thanks to frog tape and a steady hand, i did not cluck it up.  i want frog tape to be the godfather of my children.


all i have to do to connect this hallway to the space downstairs is paint the 2-story stairwell.  i mean…


i will probably pay someone to do this so i don’t die trying.

technically this is from last weekend, but we finally hung our new-ish TV on the wall of our bedroom.  i feel like such a grownup with a wall-mount TV!  and it swings out.  swoon.  this week i’m hoping to hang some other framed art around it so it doesn’t look so lonely.  we hung it there b/c that’s where we were sure there was a stud without electrical wires running around/through it.  safety first.


the lighting situation in our living room was in need of an upgrade, so we picked up these two floor lamps from ikea.  sometimes ikea just fits the (super cheap) bill.  the pharmacy-style lamp on the right is so HEAVY, you would never guess it was ikea.  and the one on the left went behind the couch and matches one we already have on that side of the room.  i think shaded floor lamps are soothing and this one met our needs.


we also picked up some supplies to help organize our kitchen.  these magnetic spice tins from ikea are so nifty.  now i actually have to use them, by cooking.  fyi, the red “spice” is actually bacon bits, because of course!  we also picked up these super cute le parfait jars from crate and barrel to hold the chia and flax seeds we put into our smoothies every morning.  never thought i’d need a container for seeds.  and we bought a jar for our stevia supply, which we have a ton of but never use.  but mama loves her a good jar.


while at crate and barrel, i found this placemat that completes my life.  the colors are amazing and the pattern is a good combo of geometry and whimsy.  i’m obsessed.  if they made a wallpaper like this i would plaster my house with it.


we did a quick run through dillard’s yesterday where i found the cutest and most comfortable brown wedges for $24.99.  they are real leather and it took me less than 5 minutes to find them and pay for them.  i’ve been in the market for some new wedges since my old go-to’s started to smell, so i felt like i won the shoe lottery with these babies.  buster is skeptical.


he loves to creep into all of my pictures.  the least he could do it hold still so he’s not blurry.

lastly, i made my own wood stain this weekend out of steel wool, coffee and vinegar (recipe via pinterest), and i don’t have an after because the shelf i stained was still wet last night and also i forgot, but it did turn my hands black so i had to paint my nails this poopy brown color that i already hate in order to hide all the stain in my cuticles.  shoulda coulda woulda worn gloves.


i realize that is probably not a very exciting weekend to most, but getting so much done made me feel so alive!  i also drank lots of smoothies and german beer and overall had a very delightful time.

i capped off my weekend by staying up until midnight to watch the oscars.  buster watched them with me, sort of.  he slept like this for the first 90 minutes.


happy monday everybody!

happy anna howard shaw day [UPDATE]

i have never been a big fan of valentine’s day, even now, when i have someone to spend it with.  i don’t know that i ever had disdain for today, but i didn’t magically come to love it once i was off the market.  it’s just a day.


truth be told, my husband used to send flowers to my office every valentine’s day, until we got engaged.  that year, i wasn’t feeling well and decided to leave work early, but sent a quick note to future-hubs (past hubs?) to ask him if i’d be missing anything if i went home before 5:00.  he was confused.  so i gently reminded him that he always sends me flowers on valentine’s day, and his response was something like, “oh that was before we got engaged.  you said yes.  pressure’s off!”

well you know what honey?  that goes both ways.  it didn’t even occur to me to shave my legs this morning.  happy valentine’s day!


(p.s. i love my husband like crazy and he randomly brought home flowers 2 weeks ago, though they died pretty quickly after that because i put them in a vase and then stuck them under a lamp, but it’s the thought that counts.  he is the best.)


these just arrived at my office, and i am a terrible person.  they ever look like buster!  hubs sure knows the way to my heart.


brb gotta go home and shave my legs.

to sucking more!

it’s been 2 months since my last blog post.  you know why?  because i put way too much pressure on myself to post something awesome, and then i end up posting nothing, because i don’t want it to suck.

so i’ve made the blog look a little simpler, and i’m hoping to keep my posts a little simpler, too.  here’s to sucking more! *cheers*


watching the grammy awards this past sunday with my hubs (left) and my bus (right) while laid up on the couch trying not to die from the greatest headcold there ever was.

They’re the 2 Best (Pillow) Friends That Anyone Could Have

Remember this past April when I went to Brussels and drunkenly picked out this souvenier bull terrier pillow?


Well now it has a friend, that was purchased while sober.  Behold!


It’s a bichon!  I grew up with a bichon (which autocorrect changes to “bitching”, I just thought you should know), rest his soul.  My sisters and I still cry when we think about him.  He was like our 5th sibling.  He was the best dog ever.  So when I saw this super cheesy bichon pillow on Joss & Main, with very similar coloring to the bull terrier pillow, I had to have it.

Here is me at an awkward 9 years old with my little buddy:


He sort of looks like a demon here, as red eye correction doesn’t work on pictures taken circa 1993, I guess.


That sweet face kills me.  And we did a lot of pumpkin carving in my childhood, apparently.

But back to the pillows.  Look how cute they are together:


They make me so happy, though I need a better inside billow for the bull terrier, I realize now.  Hubs is less than thrilled about the new BFF pillows, but he’ll get over it.

My one gripe is that I ordered this pillow on November 9th.  It arrived at my house on December 11th.  I emailed Joss & Main after the first couple of weeks went by, and their response was kind of bitchy, BUT once you order one thing from them, you get free shipping for the next 30 days, so I’ve been ordering all sorts of little chotchkies from them to milk that free shipping for all it’s worth. #neverforget

As a result, I also picked up a new kitchen rug to match the one we already have under the table in our kitchen nook:


I don’t think it’s vine overload because there is an island between them so you don’t ever really see both at the same time.  And NOW I realize that I rid our kitchen of vine-inspired light fixtures, only to fill it with vine-inspired rugs.

Most other chotchkies are Christmas gifts, so I’ll have to wait to exploit those here.  But I love watching them all trickle in, tiny package by tiny package.  Buster does not love watching them trickle in, because he is terrified of boxes.

And raccoons, we learned yesterday.


Charlotte, Here We Come


The impossible has happened.

Georgia Tech has made it to the ACC championship game.  Which sounds insane to me because back in September it seemed like all we did was lose.  To be fair, we did not actually earn this: Miami is supposed to go but self-sanctioned themselves out of the game for reasons that are better googled than explained here.

Hubs and I went to the ACC championship game in Jacksonville in 2006, where we lost to Wake Forest 9-6.  The weather was shitty and it was the worst.

We went to the game in 2009 where we beat Clemson, and then later “forfeited” because of “shenanigans” and NCAA sanctions or something.  But I was there and we won and IT WAS VERY REAL.  But the drive was long, and the weather was again shitty.

So in hubs’s pleas to go to Charlotte for the 2012 game, I have had to do a little bit of dirty negotiating.  Here’s how it goes:

hubs: how do you feel about charlotte in dec?
me: it is another weekend that will be sacrificed to football
me: so i’m going to need some concessions from you

me: i want a WHOLE weekend from you
me: christmas shopping, garage sales, antiquing
me: and you can’t look at your phone the entire time we are shopping
hubs: boom
me: and you have to go in every store with me
me: and you have to listen to my thoughts and opinions and wonderment on every goddamn piece of furniture i contemplate
me: can you do that for me?
hubs: yes i can
me:one more thing

me: i want christmas music monopoly in the car from now until dec 26th

hubs: channel xm 13 is xmas already

me: but are all of your presets set to christmas channels?
hubs: not yet
me: keyword: yet

I will believe it when I see it.

I feel pretty good about this arrangement.

Gooooooo Jackets…!!!