Must Have Monday: Fancy Metal Chairs

I have been quietly obsessing over these marais chairs for some time now.  Hubs is not a fan of having metal chairs in our dining room, but guess what, if he was a fan of everything in our house, it would be all earth tones and college team paraphernalia.  Sometimes a wifey has to pull rank.  That’s what marriage is about.  Love you, honey!

From Sundance Catalog“First manufactured in the mid-20th century, these varnished raw steel chairs were designed to withstand the wear-and-tear of bistro, bar and brasserie patrons while remaining ever-recherché. So we have no doubt they will weather many a holiday and household event with typical panache. Still handcrafted—with more than 100 steps to the process—in the Burgundy atelier where they originated.”  Swoon!

Industry West carries them for only $145 a pop, in an array of colors.  I think I’m going to go for these in Gunmetal.

Cost Plus World Market (is it just called World Market these days?) has a super affordable $99 version, but the arms stick out in such a way that you can’t push these under the table, which is sort of a waste of space, unless you have an abundance of space, in which case, I wish I lived in your house.

So, whose side are you on?  Are these crazy impulsive and will they go out of style faster than harem pants?  Or will they continue to stand the test of time, given that they’ve been around since the 30’s?

Must Have Monday: Shoes, Purses & Puppies

This conversation just happened:

Me: Oooh!  Look at these wedges.  They’re only…$228.
Hubs: You can have 5 pairs of those shoes.
Me: Wait, five pairs?
Hubs: Yeah, if you let me buy a generator for tailgating.
Me: I could adopt 5 puppies for that amount of money!
Hubs: No puppies.
Me: What about these boots?
Hubs: How much?
Me: $325.
Hubs: You can get them for your birthday.
Me: Wait – that was hasty.  I want to change my order.
Hubs: To what?
Me: A Marc Jacobs purse.
Hubs: You can have anything that’s less than $325.
Me: Anything?
Hubs: Anything that’s not breathing or needs to be fed.
Me: …Right now?
Hubs: EVER.  It can’t be breathing or need to be fed, ever.  If it was previously alive and is now dead, like the leather on those boots, then you can have it.
Me: (long pause…) You’re no fun.


If you want to help save some super cute cocker spaniel/hound puppies, go to and donate!