don’t blow it

i am not sure if this is the correct way to use pinterest or not, but when i’m having a bad day at work, i like to click on the “humor” section to get a few giggles and make my day a little bit brighter, by seeing things like this:


or this:


or maybe this:


saving that last one for our future child’s first halloween costume.  god i love pinterest.

so yesterday, as i browsed the humor section, i came across something labeled “16 ways i blew my marriage”, and i thought, that does not belong here.  but i was intrigued, so i clicked on it to see what it could possibly be about.

in short, it is an article written by a man who has been divorced twice, listing out all of the things he would have done differently in marriage to keep it from ending in divorce.  there’s also a part 2, which brings the total number of ways to mess up your marriage to 32.  awesome!


[SNL skit here, for reference.]

it is full of some simple tips like “don’t stop holding her hand” and “don’t poop with the bathroom door open”, and some maybe not so obvious ones, such as “don’t encourage each other to skip working out” and “don’t make her do the gross and scary things” (like kill bugs and unclog drains).

some of the tips may apply to you, and some may not, but it’s definitely an interesting and honest list, and i wish there was a version written by a woman so that we could read both sides of the marriage story.


i sent the links to hubs, not as a “hey don’t mess up our marriage” but as more of a “hey i thought this list was interesting please don’t hate me”.  his response was something along the lines of “why do you hate me so much” (which is actually more of a term of endearment in our relationship, but that is another story for another day).

here is the thing.  i am happily married.  like, my husband is my best friend and marrying him is the only thing i have never had to doubt or analyze in my entire life.  he is the one.  we will be together forever.  he will never get away (muahahaha…).


that being said, being that i am a child of divorce, i am not naive about marriage.  i do not assume that it will be easy, that our marriage will always work with ease, and that life will never throw us a situation that we can’t handle.  i assume that it’s going to be hard and that it will take work to have a successful marriage.  but i know that we will make it for the long haul together, and articles like this one are just tools we can use to strengthen things now.  can’t hurt!

here are the links to his articles if you would like to read for yourself:

part 1:

part 2:

and now that i have reached my semi-serious post quota for the month of march, i will leave you with this:


oh snap!


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