Hallo and Bonjour and So On

Confession: I was out of the country over the past 2 weeks.  In the interest of our house not getting looted and our dog not getting kidnapped while we were gone, I neglected to mention my specific plans on the world wide web, but if you know me in the world wide world, you were probably aware of the impending adventures.  Shall we recap?  Okay!

The entire trip was born of the desire to go to Oktoberfest in Munich, without actually dealing with crowds and tourists (even though we ourselves are tourists, I know).  When we discovered Fruhlingsfest, the Spring Festival on the Oktoberfest grounds, we started dreaming about flying to Munich in April with two of our friends.  That was in late 2010.  So this had been a long time coming.

My husband is a huge German enthusiast – beer and weiner schnitzel and pretzels – but I’ve always been more partial to the, how do you say, feminine parts of Europe.  I insisted that we also make a stop in Paris if we were flying over the ocean, and everyone obliged.

So the trip had two parts: 4 full days in Munich (with a day trip to Salzburg, Austria), an overnight train to Paris, then 5.5 days in Paris (with a day trip to Brussels, Belgium).  The trip flew by and was packed with sights to see, drinks to drink, and food to consume.  There was also some stalking of the Apple store to check email, some freaking out about the Louvre being a total effing maze, and copious attempts to speak the local languages, which went…okay.

I had a blast and wouldn’t change a thing, except for maybe the size of our hotel room in Munich, which was hella cozy, and the fact that we didn’t buy our train tickets to Brussels in advance, because that shit was expensive.  Other than that, these memories will last a lifetime.

More to come as I go back through pictures and am able to process everything.  I usually get bummed about going back to work at the end of an amazing vacation, but this one takes the cake and I am super depressed to be back in my cubicle 40+ hours per week.  But such is life.

Stay tuned…


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