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My sister Sara came over last night to hang out and eat food.  Lots of food was eaten by yours truly.  More importantly, Buster got some playtime with his new BFF Otis, who admittedly is not too sure about Buster.

Do you watch The Voice?  My mom HATES RaeLynn from Blake’s team, so she was super relieved when (SPOILER ALERT!) RaeLynn was sent packing last night.  Here are some of my mom’s various thoughts on her, all via text message:

  • “Blake sent Jordis home instead of RaeLynn…I wish you could vote against someone.”
  • “She isn’t even on key.  I’ve seen better at high school talent shows.”
  • “There is hope!  RaeLynn is in the bottom two–maybe Blake will send her home?!  Probably not–she reminds him of a ‘young MIranda’.”
  • “RaeLynn is going home!”

I fell down the stairs on Monday night.  Hubs was behind me, and when my feet flew out from under me and my arms went up in the air, he thought I was joking around.  I wasn’t.  It was sort of like Scarlet takes a Tumble, except on un-carpeted stairs:

Usually when I fall and hurt myself, I go mute for about 30 seconds, because I need to compose myself and assess the damage.  Hubs usually flies into a panic and then yells at me when I don’t answer.  So that usually turns out really well.

Avengers is supposed to have a bigger opening weekend than Hunger Games did.

Everyone in my family, including my minister-brother-in-law AND my mom AND all my sisters, has read Hunger Games now, except for hubs.  Even my dad has seen the movie.  Please help me convince hubs that he’s missing out.  Mostly so I can talk to him about it for hours and hours on end.


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