DIY Farmhouse Light Fixture

Remember that farmhouse/planter light fixture I was going to make that I was ultimately unimpressed with?  Well it finally made it up to the ceiling in our new office, and I’m sort of obsessed with it now.  Here’s the inspiration:

We had to use a ceiling medallion, because apparently the ceiling used to be beige, and when the previous owners painted every inch of our house white before selling it, they painted around the ceiling fan, which I understand.  But it left a big beige circle on the ceiling, and I am NOT about to paint a ceiling, so medallion it is.  I don’t think I would’ve liked it as much without the medallion.  It adds so much pizazz.

The lightbulb is an Edison-style bulb, where you can see the filaments.  I bought the larger of the two that they sell at Home Depot, and that baby is BRIGHT!  No shortage of light in this room at night.  I typically loathe overhead lighting, but I’ll make an exception for this guy.

The assembly was fairly self-explanatory.  I used the clips that came with the planters to attach them to each other, I cut the wires at the bottom of one planter so that they’d naturally rest in the light socket, and voila.

This is just the beginning of a wave of projects I’ve been trying to accomplish at home.  Hubs is so excited to help me with all of them, too.  He’s so lucky to have a wife that will exploit his handyman skills shamelessly.  You’re welcome, honey!


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