About A Bed

Around New Year’s this year, I decided that my big project for 2012 was going to be making our master bedroom more livable.  I spent most of 2011 getting the main floor of our house to a respectable condition, and now it’s time for the upstairs.

I alluded to the Ikea disaster that is our master bedroom in this post back in October.  We were tired of sleeping pretty much on the floor.  And the queen-size mattress that I bought from a friend about 5 years ago was forcing us to sleep butt-to-butt.  Well I am happy to report that we are now the proud new owners of a KING-size bed that forces me to actually get out of it if my phone falls off of my nightstand.

Here is the before, which I barely tidied up for this picture, because I care so much about what you think of me.  Buster is used as a size reference:

And here is the after:

{You’re welcome for the super sweet iPhone pictures.  I am equal parts cheap AND lazy.}

We have a duvet cover!  We are so grown up!  It’s embarrassing to admit, but this is the first time that I haven’t bought a bed-in-a-bag when I needed new bedding.  The duvet and shams are Ofelia Vass from Ikea in white, and the insert is from Target because I’m cheap like that.  The sheets are also from Target, but those were NOT cheap, because sheets are effing expensive, am I right?

The new bed feels SUPER tall, which I keep telling myself is probably because we were used to sleeping so low to the ground.  But it seems like it takes up a lot of space in our bedroom, which is fine because the room is fairly large for a house that was built in the 1970’s.  Although my grand plans to stencil the giant wall behind our bed now seem a little bit misguided, since you can’t see as much of the wall now that the new bed has taken over.  We’ll see this weekend when I give the stencil a shot.

I’m so scared.


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