Goodwill Hunting

Lately I’ve been kinda sorta obsessed with bloggers who redo thrift store furniture and make what’s old new again for next to nothing (mostly here, here and here).  I’ve trolled a few secondhand stores and haven’t found anything legit enough to transform, until yesterday at lunch when I swung by the Goodwill close to my office.

Hubs and I stopped by the same store over the weekend and didn’t find anything worthy, but that’s because we missed about half of the furniture that they had.  This time I took the scenic route, which is how I found this baby hiding in the back corner:

I CANNOT WAIT to paint it and make it insane.  But it’s so pretty on its own that I’m tempted to just leave it as is…but that’s not the point, is it?  Admittedly, I have a very similar table in my living room right now, but it came from a friend who may or may not want it back someday.  I’m not sure if this new one will replace it, or if I’ll find a home for both in my house.  The best part was that I got it for only $23.  Blows my mind.

I swung by Home Depot afterwards to check out the different color options for the table, and ended up coming home with the supplies for a DIY farmhouse chandelier like this one:


I’m probably biting off more than I can chew in both cases.  But that’s how I learn, I suppose.  To the garage!


2 thoughts on “Goodwill Hunting

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