One Ear Down, One To Go

While trying to listen to Christmas music while it’s still acceptable, my left headphone electrocuted me, and now it only makes a sssshhhhhhhh sound when it’s supposed to be filling the left side of my head with the joyous sounds of not-Aaron-Neville holiday tunes.  I still have the right ear, but, sitting at my cube, if people walk up to talk to me, they’re facing my right side, and if I can’t hear them coming then they might sneak up on me and catch me insert embarrassing activity here.

This will be pretty non-traditional year for my family.  Midday snacks at my dad’s on Christmas Eve, evening Mexican fiesta at my sister’s house, brunch at my mom’s on Christmas morning, a 4 hour car ride to my in-law’s house, and then Chinese food for dinner on Christmas Day.  I just realized…will there be stuffing?  Where will it come from?  Maybe I can make…stuffing pancakes on Christmas morning?  This will require some thought.

Update: Stuffing Pancakes DO exist!

Because there are so many kids in my family, we do Secret Santa every year so that we don’t have to buy presents for everyone, because we’re low maintenance like that, and also because we’re all pretty cheap.  I am pretty excited about what I’m giving my Secret Santa this year.  I won’t spoil it here, in case he/she reads this, but here is a clue…

Approximately 2 more hours until I am officially off for the holidays.  I may or may not “forget” my blackberry charger at my desk, so that I am unreachable for the next two weeks.  But probably not.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas or whatever else you might be celebrating this time of year!


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