Prep Rally

I’m not sure how this happened, but I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my family, my in-laws, and hubs’ crazy cousin this year.

I’ve never hosted a dinner this large (10 adults + 2 pipsqueaks).  Sure, we’ve had parties where a crock pot full of pulled pork and some really low-rent margaritas have sufficed, but I had to unpack our wedding china in preparation for tomorrow.  Shit is about to get real.

I’m responsible for cooking many a casserole this year, which are great because they feed a lot of people, but which also make me nervous because the only thing I’ve ever been allowed to cook on Thanksgiving is Stove Top stuffing, because even if you forget butter, one of only TWO ingredients in the recipe, it still tastes completely normal.  Or so I hear.

I let hubs handle the alcohol situation by himself.  Big mistake.  Sunday alcohol sales just started this week in Georgia, so he headed to Total Wine and picked up some accoutrements to go with our after-dinner coffee.  Moral of the story: do not let hubs shop for alcohol alone.

In other news, has anybody else seen those Target commercials with the woman who is training for Black Friday and completely cracked out?!  I’m looking forward to Black Friday being over, if only so those commercials can stop airing incessantly.  They make my heart rate go up.

I have the house to myself this morning so I can cook, clean, and rock out to Christmas music as I mentally prepare for tomorrow’s festivities.  The goal: make sides that are edible, and do not burn the house down.

Happy Thanksgiving!


4 thoughts on “Prep Rally

  1. Oh my word, I totally do the same thing with serving dishes and casseroles — I set everything out on the bit of kitchenware it’s getting cooked in. I hope that your Thanksgiving was a huge success, and hope that you haven’t been blogging because you’re having too much fun!

    I just gave you a blogging award badge ( because I love what I’ve read so far and am looking forward to more. BTW, may I ask what program you use to “embellish” your pics? Looking for something good myself. Thanks!

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