Palindromes And Puniness

Today is a palindrome! A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, etc. that is the same forwards and backwards.  So, today being 11-02-2011, is a palindrome.  Some other examples:

Anne, I vote more cars race Rome to Vienna.
The noon sex alert relaxes no one.
Go hang a salami; I’m a lasagna hog!

It’s also my dad’s birthday today.  Happy Birthday, Dad (even though you don’t read my blog! (I hope!))!

Yesterday was just one of those days where I felt like crying.  All.  Day.  Long.  Then hubs sent me this AJC article about a man whose faithful boxer named Duncan woke him up when their house caught on fire, and after the man escaped, he realized that his dog hadn’t made it out with him.

I sobbed, fairly openly, at my desk at work.  It’s always great to remind your boss that you’re tough as nails on the outside, and an emotional wreck on the inside. Amiright?

Then, because I was feeling masochistic, I scrolled through the available dog list at a local animal control.  Feast your eyes on the weepfest below:

I sent it to hubs with the subject line “OMGSAVETHEM!!!”  I mean, doesn’t this break your heart?  Or are you a cat person?

So much crying!  What is wrong with meeeeeee…oh God, I hope I’m not pregnant.


1 thought on “Palindromes And Puniness

  1. Before having kids or my dog, I scoffed at Hallmark cards and human interest stories. Now, I’m a big softy when it comes to just about anything. I don’t know a soul in the military, but every time a soldier comes home in a Maxwell House commercial around the holidays, I lose it. And don’t even get me started on shelter animals.

    Love your closing comment, too. I’ll cross my fingers for you! 🙂

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