Holy Shins

Hubs and I started our respective workouts about 30 minutes ago. I planned to knock out another 3 miles, circa two weeks ago, but at first my legs felt like pencil lead, and then during my first walking break, I got a cramp in my side and felt like I was going to toss my cookies. I walked it out to 15 minutes (cuz I like round numbers), and then hopped on a recumbent bike. Which brings us here.

Total mileage: 0.93

I’m going to attribute today’s big fat treadmill fail to my dinner, which consisted of a smoothie and Cheez Its, plus a little something I like to call a pre-run Twix. Or, Buster has magical powers and is punishing me for this:

He loves it. You can see it in his Care Bear Stare.

We had quite a few trick-or-treaters last night, although clearly not as many as we expected, hence all the leftover Twix (that I most definitely did not set aside beforehand). Hardly any of the kids actually said “trick or treat”, and one mom even chastised me for being overly generous by saying, “Oh good, handfuls! Perfect…” Sorry I showed you up by handing out more than one roll of Smarties per kid, crazy lady! Sheesh.

No but seriously, did I cross a line? These suburban moms are difficult to read.

Someone has cranked up the volume on one of the TVs to full blast, so I’m going to bust my eardrums with some vintage Britney (thankyouverymuch, Pandora!), catch up on my Google Reader, and wait for hubs to finish another balls to the walls Urbanathlon workout. He crazy.


2 thoughts on “Holy Shins

  1. I loved the older ones with no costume, a grocery bag, and no “thank you”. NICE. BTW, love the chicken costume on Buster. Bailey has a very similar one that I am still trying to take a pic of him in….

  2. I make the kids tell me what they are. It’s a rule and the neighborhood knows it. Some of them can be pretty creative too. Had one say “the lazy teenager.” That’s a win in my book. At least their honest…and he said “trick or treat” so that was a plus.

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