Table For One, Please

Yesterday, I headed to the mall to get a few new watch batteries, and before I left, I told my coworker that I’d probably eat lunch by myself at the mall food court.  He got a panicked look on his face and said, “I HATE eating by myself.  I will order a steak to-go and eat it with a plastic fork and knife before I’ll eat alone at a restaurant.”

I truly don’t mind eating alone, especially when I’m traveling.  Who is going to judge me if I sit at the bar and order a quesadilla with a pitcher of margaritas on the side?  Strangers I will never see again?  In other cities where I know very few people, I don’t care if I look pathetic while sitting solitarily at the bar.  I just don’t care.  Yes, about a thousand people will ask me if I’m meeting someone, or if they can sit in the seat next to me, or if I’m waiting for a table.  Nope, just little ol’ me!  And I’m 100% fine with it.

Just don’t try to chat me up if you feel sorry for me when you see me eating alone at a restaurant.  The only thing I hate more than a person eating with their mouth open is making small talk with strangers.  Bonus hate points if you are a stranger who eats with your mouth open.

In general, I am pretty independent.  I need alone time to recharge my batteries.  Hubs says that he gets alone time while he sleeps, so he doesn’t need it when he’s awake.

This article from today says that Drew Barrymore was recently spotted eating alone at a restaurant in New York, nursing a beer and reading a magazine cover-to-cover.  That sounds so lovely to me.

All that being said, I do get incredibly sad when I see businessmen eating alone at restaurants, but mostly because it makes me think of my dad eating alone while traveling for work.  And then I want to cry, and give said businessman a hug, when in reality, they are probably fine, and I am just being hypocritical.  If they are eating alone in public, they’re probably completely comfortable with it, otherwise they’d be back at their hotel, eating a steak with a plastic fork and knife.


2 thoughts on “Table For One, Please

  1. Kudos to you! Some mornings, after the boys get on the bus and before I go to work, I go to the diner on the corner with a book, and I have breakfast at the counter. It’s usually just me and a bunch of folks from the retirement center across the street. It’s a nice time out.

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