I Think My Dog Hates Me

I had high hopes for Buster’s Halloween costume.  That he’d love wearing clothing, that he’s be thrilled with all of the attention he’d receive while wearing it, that he’d never want to take it off.  Well, I tried it on him last night to see if it fit, and while he was quite cooperative while I was putting it on, LOOK AT THE EAT-SHIT-AND-DIE FACE HE IS GIVING ME!  He hates it.  So. Freaking. Much.

Which just makes me love it even more.  If he asks, it was all hubs’s idea.  Muahahaha…


2 thoughts on “I Think My Dog Hates Me

  1. Goodness me. If looks can kill, i think, just looking at his picture, 2 daggers just past my head there! Nevertheless, despite that unmistakable hate in his eyes, he looks adorable 🙂

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