Creeptastic Weekend In Review

Well, I did it.  I ran 20 miles last week.  While it took me 7 days and 7 separate runs, I feel pretty good about knocking out that many miles while starting from scratch (see my workout log here).  Will I do it again soon?  Probably not.  But I’m more comfortable with the idea of heading out and knocking out 3 miles as a regular workout.  Except…

Remember last week when a strange man at the park told me I have perfect teeth?  Well yesterday, my friend Lauren and I saw him while we were walking our dogs at the same park.  He tried to get our attention, and I tried desperately not to make eye contact, but he stopped me and said, “Hey – perfect teeth!”  Then he pointed at Lauren and said, “tell her, too, she has perfect teeth, too!”  Which is dumb, because he didn’t even see our teeth.  Unless he has x-ray vision, which is a whole ‘nother type of problem.  Last week I thought he was cooky, and this week I am on high alert.  My mom wants me to call the parks department, which makes me giggle.

In other news, our foster puppy Fiona was adopted on Saturday.  Buster is in mourning.  I really enjoyed having a second dog.  For a week.  But watching her constantly to make sure she didn’t pee on anything (mostly our couch) and being the puppetmaster while walking two dogs at once reminded me that I don’t want a second dog.  One is fine.

But I reserve the right to change my mind.  I heart puppies.  Especially homeless ones.


5 thoughts on “Creeptastic Weekend In Review

  1. the photo of buster reminds me….where did you get that rug? I love it! I was thinking of making something similar by painting an ikea rug….but most likely not worth the time/effort/figuring out how to tape off curves

    congrats on 20 miles! that is a lot!

    • Got it at Garden Ridge about a year ago. Only $100 for an 8X10, which is a steal! It’s not super great quality but I love the lattice pattern and gray color. I’ve seen a similar stencil you could use to paint a rug!

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