You Want More Counterspace? I’ll Give You More Counterspace.

When house-hunting a year ago, hubs and I were lucky enough to find a house with a recently renovated kitchen, which, Thank God, because we looked at lots of houses with 80’s style laminate countertops and pink linoleum flooring and appliances from before we were born.  We really lucked out.

That being said, we kind of suck at staying organized in the kitchen, and even though it is a generously sized room, we always feel like we are lacking in counterspace.  Maybe it’s because of the unnecessary stuff we have stored on the counters:

It’s great having a TV in the kitchen because we don’t have an open floorplan, and that way I can cook and be entertained.  Hypothetically.  I haven’t actually done this yet.  And you know mama loves her some rosé, so the wine collection is a must.  Our solution was this little baby:

A combination TV stand and wine cabinet in one.  Really it’s just a wine cabinet.  But we put it in a corner of the kitchen, which freed up loads of counterspace, and still allows me to see the TV while cooking imaginary meals for our imaginary family.  Also, I feel really fancy having a wine cabinet now.  Holla!

It took me 2 hours to build, because even though it’s from Target (we got it on super duper sale, because I’m super duper cheap), it came in all 1,000 individual pieces.  It was more elaborate than any Ikea furniture I’ve ever had to assemble, and I have assembeld A LOT of Ikea furniture in my day, but the quality of this piece is much nicer, probably.  And, I didn’t realize until I was almost done putting it together, that hubs was still upstairs, in bed, watching College Gameday.  Jerkface.

Here it is fully loaded:

I don’t have an after of the counter, because it’s the weekend and there are hella dirty dishes in there, but it does free up quite a bit of space.  I had to explicitly tell hubs that this new, extra free space was NOT allocated to his pint glasses.  I feel an epic battle brewing.


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