Our Bedroom Is A Birch Veneer Nightmare

Since we moved into our new house last December, the one area I haven’t paid much attention to is our master bedroom.  I would love to be one of those people who has a soothing oasis to retreat to every night, but let’s be real.  My bedroom is the place I put my mess so that other people don’t realize what a closet slob I am.

My family makes fun of me for being OCD, which is true in some cases.  I can’t stand when doors (cabinet, pantry, bathroom, you name it) are ajar, and will get up and walk across the room just to close one.  If there is a cluttered tabletop in my vicinity, I will categorize the shit out of that clutter and make it disappear faster than a box of Peppermint Joe Joe’s at Christmastime.  But my bedroom is where dirty laundry goes to die.

It doesn’t help that our bedroom is a hodge podge of Ikea Malm furniture in birch veneer that we’ve been slowly accumulating since college.  It’s functional, but uninspiring.  Like a good belt, or headgear.

So, in an effort to want to keep our bedroom neat and tidy, I’ve started brainstorming different ways to spice up what we have.  And while it would be easy to head to Haverty’s and buy a whole bedroom set, I’d rather piece it together myself and save a few bucks (because I have making-large-purchases-anxiety).  So here is what I currently have in mind.  Obviously, these could change at a moment’s notice, because I am a woman and that’s how I roll.  Oh snap!

DIY headboard, courtesy of Ana-White.com (go to her site RIGHTNOW if you need some DIY inspiration and are in the mood to build some stuff).  Color TBD:

Nightstands made from Ikea Rast kid’s dressers.  Tons of people have motified these, because they’re super cheap ($34.99) while also being made of pine.  I’m thinking something similar to this:

And some fun punches of color in the linens, like so.  Maybe I’ll even sew my own throw pillow, I don’t know, there might not be time:

And maybe a bench at the end of the bed for a certain someone to sleep on, so we can avoid this in the future:

That’s about as far as I’ve gotten.  One thing at a time, I suppose.  But anyway, all of you will have those projects to look forward to, hopefully soon.  And by all of you, I mean YOU, husband.  Muahahaha…


4 thoughts on “Our Bedroom Is A Birch Veneer Nightmare

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