Meteor Fireball Over Drunken Fun-Guys

Last night, hubs and I were out to dinner with a few friends, sitting on the south-facing patio of Mellow Mushroom and eating Drunken Fun-Guys, when we all saw this flying through the sky:

We saw a BIG streak of green light fly through the air and disappear below the tree line.  At first I thought I was crazy, but thank goodness everybody else saw it too.  It was bizarre!  By far the nuttiest outer space related phenomenon I’ve ever experienced.  We searched online for a little while to see if anybody else saw the same thing, but we came up empty handed.

Until today.

This blog documents meteor sightings and posts peoples’ accounts of what they saw.  And sure enough, last night many people saw the “green meteor fireball” fly through the sky in the southeast.  And some of them thought it was an alien spaceship.  This is unconfirmed.


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