In Which I Meet Someone Super Famous

Not to brag, but, I kinda hung out with Magic Johnson this morning.  We are pretty much BFFs now.

Truth be told, I was at a conference today, and he was there supporting one of his businesses and taking pictures with people.  He was so super nice and polite.  I hadn’t really thought about it, but I just figured, he’s probably a magillionaire (I am cracking myself up today) and does this every day and is so over it and won’t say anything to me.  But he took the time to look at my badge and address me by name, and he asked me where I wanted him to look for the picture, as if he was at my picture-taking mercy.  It might be one of the least flattering pictures ever taken of me, but it sort of made my morning.  Probably since I woke up at 5 a.m. to go to this conference and anything would have made my morning at that point.

I quickly forwarded hubs the picture, and then texted him about it when I was on the train home.  Here’s our conversation:

Me: Did you see the pic I sent you?
Hubs: Yeah, looks like Michael Jordan.
Me: It’s Magic Johnson!  What’s wrong with you???
Hubs: Haha, I know who it is.
Hubs: But he’s shorter than I thought.


My coworkers all agreed to work from home for the afternoon, since Halloween is one of the worst traffic days of the year (who knew), and since we’ve all been up since waaaaaay before dawn, so now I’m working from the couch and dealing with this:

It’s no wonder that I suck at working from home.

Warm & Fuzzy

This post may or may not be devoid of sarcasm.  I know!  Alert the media.  I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy right now.

Today at work, my boss set a life or death very important 3:00 p.m. deadline.

If it wasn’t raining at 3:00, he would leave to go play in a tennis match.  If it was raining, we’d all stay at the office until 5:00, per usual.

Luckily, the sky was dry at 3:00, so boss man disappeared.  The rest of us stuck around for a while, and slowly the staff dissipated and headed home for the weekend.  I came home to my sweet puppy, cracked open a beer, and headed out to my screened-in porch.  Five minutes later, it started pouring rain.  Sorry, boss!

As Buster and I sit outside, listening to the rain hit the roof and shake the trees, I can’t help but think about how lucky I am.  Lucky to have a roof over my head.  Lucky to have amazing friends and a supportive family.  Lucky to have a husband who doubles as my best friend on his way home to me.  Lucky to have a good job that allows me to put food on the table.  Lucky to be where I am.  Lucky to be alive.

There are a million things to be grateful for.  I forget sometimes what a blessing this life is, and how quickly and easily it can change.  So for now, sitting outside, enjoying the rain and a Sam Adams Octoberfest, I’m going to be thankful for where I am.  The next time I whine and complain about how hard life is, how tired I am, how annoyed I am, etc. feel free to anonymously send me a link back to this post.