Garmin Forerunner 305, Baby!

Hubs gave me my birthday present a couple of days early this year, which is not unusual because every time he buys me something, he wants to immediately give it to me, no matter how obscenely early it might be. Except for when he bought my engagement ring. He had that bitch for a month before he proposed. A MONTH!!!

I’m really excited about the Garmin watch because I think/hope/pray that it will inspire me to run more. Is it so large that people might think I have a TI-83 strapped to my wrist in case I need to solve a quadratic equation on the fly? Possibly. Does it tell me my heart rate and exactly how many hundredths of a mile I’ve run? Absolutely it does. It’s a whole new set of numbers to obsess over, and I am stupid excited about using it.

Buster and I piloted it tonight by taking it for a spin around the block, and from the stats above, you can see why my dog is a terrible running partner. What a slowpoke.


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