My Love Affair With Pad Thai

I stopped at Tin Drum to grab some takeout at lunch today, because it’s Friday and I wanted to have a mini-celebration at my desk, alone.  While waiting for my food, I looked into the dining room and saw this:

Fancy metal chairs!  Just one of the many reasons that Tin Drum rocks my world.

Another reason: To skip the line, you can submit your order on an iPad (what?) that sits next to the register.  Fancy enough, except also!  You can select the healthy menu, pick your concern (calories, carbs, protein, balance) and then pick your calories range.  I chose 400-500 calories (I was feelin’ frisky) and low and behold, Chicken Pad Thai popped up as an option.  HOLD THE PHONE.

Tin Drum Chicken Pad Thai is my favorite takeout food of all time.  The love affair started when I was in college and would eat it on a regular basis, but once I was out of school and a real, food-conscious adult, I figured that the Pad Thai was probably extremely unhealthy, and I should eat it sparingly throughout the rest of my life.  But apparently we have a future after all.  Although, that 400-500 is probably calories per serving, meaning I’m only supposed to eat 1/3 of my plate, or something…we’ll see how that goes.

Special shout out also goes to the inimitable crap Crab N Cheese Spring Roll.  Hubba hubba.


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