I Have Lunch Problems

Today, I was eating a sandwich and some chips, which I’d put in front of me on my desk while I worked through lunch.  Time passed and I looked down and saw this:

Thought process:

Wait, I thought I had more chips left.
Did I really throw it away?
I don’t remember finishing it OR throwing it away…
Was I even done with my sandwich?
The sandwich wasn’t that great anyway…
But the chips!  There were a few left, I swear.
I guess I finished it and put it in the trashcan.

30 minutes went by and a coworker came to ask me a question.  I turned 90 degrees to my left, and saw this:

I was so distracted by work that I put my food to the side for whatever reason and then forgot about it.  I’m not sure this has ever happened to me.  I thought the Publix sub incident was bad.  This is so much worse.  Think of all the wonderful food I’ve inadvertently abandoned and erased from my memory.  Maybe I’ve eaten something wonderful that I don’t even know about because I FORGOT IT!

I’m so scared.


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