Fun Fact Friday: The Only Joke I Know

Fun fact of the day: Smokey the Bear’s original name was supposed to be “Hotfoot Teddy”.

I only have space in my head for one joke at a time.  Kind of like how in Sunday school growing up, I could only remember one bible verse at a time.  As soon as I memorized a new one, the previous one was gone from existence, as far as my brain was concerned.  I can remember specific stories from the bible, although some of them are admittedly fuzzy.  But as far as ver batim verses go, I am out of luck.  Which is just one of the reasons that I would be a terrible lawyer.  See also: anxiety over public speaking, being terrified of confrontation, not looking good in a suit, etc. etc. the list goes on.

Which brings me to the only joke I know (right now).  Disclaimer: I do not endorse this joke.  I don’t choose which jokes I can remember, they choose me.

Why doesn’t Smokey the Bear have kids?  … Because every time his wife gets hot, he beats her with a shovel.

You’re welcome.


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