Is This a Shirt or a Dress?

Hubs and I are both in a wedding this Fall in which the bride and groom chose to have their bachelor and bachelorette parties in Miami.  Hubs has already gone, and he advised me to dress as scantily clad as possible in order to blend in on South Beach.  So I ordered three cute albeit shorter that I would normally wear dresses from Piperlime.  Two are super adorable and I am stoked about them (found here and here).  The third, well, I’m pretty sure it’s not a dress, but a t-shirt.

Collective Concepts One-Shoulder Knit Dress, in case you want to make sure you don’t accidentally buy it, too.

When I pulled it over my head, at first I was like, this one-shoulder sleeve is really pretty, and the material is really soft and comfortable.  I pulled it down further and thought, well, this is tighter than I expected, but maybe it could work.  Then I got it over my ass and it stopped.  The thing barely covers both cheeks.

I knowwww, Brooke Hogan.  I know.

Who wears this stuff in real life, besides Brooke Hogan?  I’ve seen these dresses before in Ludacris videos and such, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be in possession of one.  The reviews said it was short, but I figured that with my not so long legs, it would provide plenty of coverage.  I have never been more wrong.


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