It’s Not The Primer, It’s You

Last night I decided to spruce up a wall sconce, from Pier 1, which previously sat on the floor of our old apartment for YEARS before we got the guts to hang it on an actual wall with actual wall anchors at our actual house.  It was black iron, seen below, but it felt harsh against the muddy gray walls of our dining room (the color is Behr Squirrel, if paint colors are your thing), so I wanted to lighten it up and make the sconce more exciting.

First, I primed it with a white Krylon indoor/outdoor spray primer.  This is where I almost gave up and threw the sconce away.  Spray paint comes with what appears to be a little plug where the paint comes out, like krazy glue, or so I thought.  I took out the plug, and when I started to spray, it came out in big fat drops.  I did two pathetic coats before it occurred to me to put the plug back in.  Then, the primer came out in a wide, smooth stream, and I felt like an idiot.  Also, I got paint all over my hands, which doesn’t happen if you use this stuff correctly.  Oh well.  You live and you learn.

After two coats of primer, I sprayed on another two coats of Krylon indoor/outdoor spray paint in Satin Meringue, the palest yellow available at our local Home Depot.  It was supposed to only take 1 minute to dry between coats, but I let it sit for a while longer, because of my primer misstep.  Also, it still smelled really strongly of spray paint, and I wanted to limit the number of brain cells I was certainly losing.

Here’s the after:

I think I like it?  Eventually, it’ll jive more with the overall color scheme of the ground floor of our house, which is dictated by the obnoxious yellow tile in our bathrooms that is not in bad enough shape to merit tearing it out just yet.  I’m kind of glad that the color scheme decision is partially made for me up front, because if it were up to me, I’d have the whole house gray, floor to ceiling.

Update 12/22: I realized the other day that this wall sconce is the same wall sconce that is in Penny’s bedroom on The Big Bang Theory.  I guess they painted theirs white.  They probably weren’t idiots when priming it either.


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