Why Do I Read Running Blogs?

For whatever reason, most of the blogs I read on a regular basis are written by women who kick ass at running. Here’s how far they ran today:

pbfingers.com: 7 miles
skinnyrunner.com: 8 miles
runningoffthereeses.com: 22 miles

You wanna know how far I ran today?  2 miles.

I could provide a multitude of excuses, like my neighborhood is uber hilly and the weather is finally gorgeous so I’d rather be drinking outside than running outside, etc etc etc to infinity. Really, I just suck at running, and I hate it. But I want to like it, or at least be decent at it. When we lived in our old apartment, I’d go to the gym almost daily, but for some reason, the gym near our new house doesn’t inspire me to move my ass. It’d be nice to be able to run out of my front door, put in a leisurely 5 miles, and not be thinking FML the entire time. I hope I get to that point someday. In the meantime, I’ll just live vicariously through others (see above).

*I wrote this post earlier today, but someone needed my laptop to watch a football game, so…


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