And Now We Can Walk Around Naked

When we moved into our house, the entire downstairs level was sans blinds.  There were old curtain rods in some of the rooms, but we took them all down, because they were fugly.  In the long run, we’d like to put up plantation shutters because they’re super snazzy, but they’re also super expensive.  We tried different blinds, but our windows are old and all trim and none of the blinds we bought fit just right.  So 9 months after we moved in, we (and by “we”, I mean “I”) put up some curtains.

Here’s a shot of the windows in our living room.  You can clearly see what’s going on in the street, and our neighbors can clearly see what’s going on in our living room.

Here’s the living room with some snazzy curtain rods with seeded glass finials (Levolor brand, natch) installed above each window.  I went with silver because the curtains I was lusting after at Ikea have silver grommets.  They are a little long and need to be hemmed with a sewing machine ironed with hemming tape.  Don’t mind the red chairs.  They were a hand-me-down from my husband’s parents, and they have been reupholstered 3 times since their birth, in 1955.  Seriously.  They are not long for this world.

Here’s a closeup of the Ikea Henny Rand curtains.  I love the fact that they’re mostly white, but with traces of all my favorite neutrals.  And only $29.99 for each pair (there’s a pair on each window) (why are curtains so freaking expensive?!?).

Fun fact: I pointed these curtains out to my husband the last time we were at Ikea, and he didn’t like them.  But I think he forgot because when I showed him my project tonight he was all it looks great I love it you did a fantastic job!  Liar liar pants on fire.

Mostly I am just proud that I used a power drill ALLBYMYSELF!  And I didn’t make any unnecessary holes in the wall, which I hate.  I will say though that for anyone who makes things that come with wall anchors, please include extra wall anchors.  I smashed a couple of them during this project.

Buster’s just excited that the home improvement shenanigans are over with.

Happy Labor Day!


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