Fun Fact Friday: What Goes Around…Not About Britney

One of my favorite songs to run to (let’s be honest, it’s more like wogging) is Justin Timberlake’s classic “What Goes Around…”  It is the perfect running beat.  If you set the treadmill to 4.5 mph.  Which I realize is slow for most people, but my legs are short and I’m not exactly Prefontaine over here.  Anyway, some interesting history on this song:

Everyone thinks that Justin is singing about Britney, like he was in “Cry Me a River” (which has an awesome video, b-t-dubs.  This song, not so much).  NOT.  TRUE.  He is singing about Elisha Cuthbert, of 24/Girl Next Door fame.

Elisha didn’t screw over JT, she screwed over his best friend.  So he wrote a badass song about her and made everyone think she was trash.  But does this change American men’s opinion of her?  Absolutely not.  If I’ve learned anything from my husband’s BFF Greg, it’s that Elisha Cuthbert can do no wrong.

First, she fulfilled every man’s fantasy by moving in next door to a geek, making him super popular, and then probably not snexing with him.  It’s been a few years, there are some holes in my memory regarding the plot of this movie.

Then she played Jack Bauer’s daughter on 24, and let’s be honest, Jack Bauer is this generation’s McGuyver (not McGovern, but thanks anyway, autocorrect!), and is completely infallible in the eyes of man.  So in this case, Elisha is popular by association.

Now she’s in one of my favorite new shows, Happy Endings, and she does an unexpectedly awesome job at comedy.  I was not expecting this.  But hubs and I got hooked on H.E. last Spring and can’t get enough of it.  Sometimes when our friends come over, we tie them up and force them get them a beer and ask if they would like to watch it with us.  Works every time.

Bonus!  She was also in Old School.  Learn something new every day.


2 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday: What Goes Around…Not About Britney

  1. Fun facts about Elisha Cuthbert, because I agree with Greggers.
    1) She’s Canadian and western Canadian at that, which equals awesome.
    2) She enjoys the company of hockey players and was the subject of they always enviable term “sloppy seconds.”
    3) She is indeed infalliable…

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