FML: Couch Stains Edition

I was all excited to come home today with a new, seemingly indestructible toy for Buster to play with: a ball made out of Kong material.

After Buster had been messing with it for about 5 minutes while laying on our less-than-one-year-old, most-expensive-thing-we’ve-ever-bought-that-doesn’t-have-a-motor-or-provide-shelter couch, I noticed this:

Couch stains.  I panicked.  Hubs is going to destroy me.  I promptly took the ball away, and banished it to the mantel where dog toys go to die.

And tonight, I will be going to Target to shop for one of these:

Life is so hard, amiright?

  • Disclaimer: The gnome on the fireplace is an inside joke.  And by inside joke, I mean makes me cry a lot, on the inside.
  • Double disclaimer: Buster doesn’t destroy anything except his own toys.  It’s just that when he destroys them, he ends up ingesting plastic and/or stuffing if we don’t watch him closely.  He’s basically well-behaved otherwise.  I’m not a bad dog parent I swear.

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