Hilly Runs and Spoiler Alerts

Last night I decided to go on a run without Buster, because, let’s be honest, his legs are kinda short and he stops to sniff things a lot.  Sometimes when I walk him, he’s on a mission and will race-walk the entire way, and other times, he will stop halfway through and sit down, as if to say, I am over this shit, carry me home.  Sometimes I do carry him, for lack of time.  Ryan Gosling understands.

There is a neat little 2.5 mile loop that starts and finishes at my front door.  Our neighborhood has two entrances, so I run out of one, down some side streets which all have sidewalks, and then in the back entrance and back to the house.  This is SUPER CONVENIENT.  Except for one little problem…

The elevation.  It goes something like this:

It sucked.  So badly.

Afterwards, I changed clothes and headed to my mom’s house to watch the finale of Pretty Little Liars with one of my sisters.  It’s good teen soapy fun, and also, there is nothing else on during the summer except for Big Brother and The Bachelorette, so…it’ll do.  The finale was good but also super frustrating.

Things that bothered me:

Is Garrett the only cop in this town?
Why did they wait so long to take off their heels while running through the woods?
Why is the kid that plays Toby SUCH a terrible actor?
Why did they get Megan Fox’s doppleganger to play and English professor?
Why didn’t Dr. Sullivan just tell them who A was over the phone?
Why did Aria wear a skull necklace with a party dress (probably) from Forever21?

Among other things.  All in all, it was fine.  I have a theory about who A is though.


I think it’s Lucas.


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