Must Have Monday: Shoes, Purses & Puppies

This conversation just happened:

Me: Oooh!  Look at these wedges.  They’re only…$228.
Hubs: You can have 5 pairs of those shoes.
Me: Wait, five pairs?
Hubs: Yeah, if you let me buy a generator for tailgating.
Me: I could adopt 5 puppies for that amount of money!
Hubs: No puppies.
Me: What about these boots?
Hubs: How much?
Me: $325.
Hubs: You can get them for your birthday.
Me: Wait – that was hasty.  I want to change my order.
Hubs: To what?
Me: A Marc Jacobs purse.
Hubs: You can have anything that’s less than $325.
Me: Anything?
Hubs: Anything that’s not breathing or needs to be fed.
Me: …Right now?
Hubs: EVER.  It can’t be breathing or need to be fed, ever.  If it was previously alive and is now dead, like the leather on those boots, then you can have it.
Me: (long pause…) You’re no fun.


If you want to help save some super cute cocker spaniel/hound puppies, go to and donate!

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