The Second Dog Dilemma

I am a crazy dog lady.  If I were single, I would be a puppy hoarder, no doubt about it.  I just love them.  Growing up I had all sorts of pets: goldfish, frogs, lizards, turtles, betafish, hamsters, gerbils (to replace the suicidal hamsters…more on that later), but I wouldn’t touch any of them.  Especially not the hamsters, with their little scissor teeth.  I am a puppy person.  I will plead the 5th on my feelings regarding cats, because I don’t want to alienate any of my nonexistent readers.

We got our dog Buster from a pet rescue back in February 2011, and I freaking love him.  My only worry is that he’s home alone for too long during the day.  He has no problem holding his bladder while we’re at work all day, and he doesn’t have separation anxiety, but I feel bad that he’s all by his lonesome, and I’ve heard wonderful things about adding a 2nd dog to your family as a companion for the first one.  The biggest pro I’ve heard is that your dogs will play with each other instead of messing with you.  There are lots of times where Buster is all, I will keep punching you in the ovaries until you throw this tennis ball, and it would be nice to have a break from that.


I had to twist my husband’s arm for about 5 years before he finally relented (out of sheer exhaustion) and let me get Buster.  Now, six months later, he’s not super interested in adding another canine companion to our household just yet, or ever.  I’d been using my old strategy of sending him pictures of adoptable dogs from, with captions like he will be euthanized if we don’t go get him!  Or doesn’t she look like Buster’s long-lost sister? which he finally got fed up with, I guess.  So he made me a deal.

If I can keep my mouth shut about dogs for the next 9 months, then he will let me get a 2nd dog.

The problem is, looking at dogs online is one of my favorite things to do.  Now I can’t send him pictures like this:

(Go here for reference:

Or like this:

Or like this:

But I think I can do it.  My ovaries might depend on it.

For a semi-helpful article on adding a second dog to your household, go here.  And if you have any advice for me, please leave a comment!


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