Be Faithful To Your Own Taste

I read this quote in Real Simple magazine last night as I was plugging away on the elliptical and trying to ignore the fact that the gym owner’s wife put Beastly on full blast on one of the shared TVs that is normally muted.  I guess her husband owns the place so she can do whatever she wants, but, it was super distracting!


“Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” – Billy Baldwin (no, not the one you’re thinking of)

I’m always afraid to take chances in home decor, because I’m afraid that people will think I’m dumb or lame or have terrible taste in general.  Sometimes I make misguided attempts, and am laughed at by everyone I know, like the time I did this on my living room bookshelves:

*This is not my house, I just didn’t bother to document my own failure.*

I let this sit for about a month before I admitted that it looked silly and turned my books back around…at which point every single person that came over told me how glad they were that I “made it right.”  Thanks for the support, Judgy McJudgersons.

Then I saw a super cool painting at Cost Plus World Market that I refused to pay $129 for and determined that I could recreate it with some nerd tools (a compass, a t-square, some chardonnay and some patience).  I’ll do a more in-depth tutorial on this later, but here are the results:

*Mine is on the left…obviously.*

I used colors that were already incorporated in my decor, so it would flow with things I already owned.  Plus I had a pretty big blank wall that I needed to fill.  I worried that it was too abrasive, too graphic, too paint-by-numbers, but I’ve actually gotten a ton of compliments on it!  Now I wish that I had bought the longer canvas, because painting is fun and the wall still looks pretty empty.

I guess the point is not to be afraid to take chances with your decor, because if you love it, who cares if other people don’t?  You’re the one that has to live with it everyday.  And if you’re cool with it, then that’s all that matters.


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