The Comedy Compromise

AKA, “Massage my feet or change the channel!”

If I could pick my perfect list of TV shows that I could sit down and watch for an evening, it would go something like this:

  • 1 hour Soapy Teen Drama (ex: Pretty Little Liars, which I mock endlessly but still tune-in to religiously)
  • 1 hour Grown-Up Show About Criminals (ex: Law & Order: SVU, be still my heart)
  • 30 minute Mindless Reality Show (ex: 1/2 an episode of Jersey Shore or Teen Mom, because I just cannot handle an entire hour, and neither should you, that shit will rot your brain)
  • 30 minute Anything On HGTV Show (ex: House Hunters, especially the international episodes, which make me feel both worldly and extra poor…how do they do that?)

If my husband could pick, his list would look like this:

  • Sports
  • More Sports
  • Sports that Americans Don’t Even Care About
  • Review of Sports That I Already Watched Today
  • Baseball Game Between 2 Teams That I Am Not Loyal To Whatsoever

So what do we do when we want to watch TV together?  We compromise.  The only shows we watch together are 30 minute long comedy shows.  Seriously.  Anything besides comedy shows (which are called “neutral shows” at our house) requires me to head-scratch the hubs, or the hubs to foot-massage me.  Because true love is having 4 TVs in the house, but finding shows that we can watch together in the basement…we are so lame.

Here are the comedies that we watch together.  I love these shows, some more passionately than others, but I think I really love them because I know that the husband does too, and then we can watch them together in peace.  Plus it’s no fun to laugh alone.

Happy Endings
This show is new, and debuted this past Spring on the ABC comedy block.  It’s ridiculously funny, and also fast-paced, so you’re going to have to pay attention and rewind the DVR a few times to get all the good jokes.  It is so worth it.

To get on board, watch: S1E6 “Mein Coming Out”

Modern Family
Who doesn’t love Modern Family?  In my amateur opinion, every single character is well-developed, and the writing is so snappy.  My favorite lines are Alex’s one-liners…probably because I’m a middle-child, too.

To get on board, watch: S2E11 “Slow Down Your Neighbors”

How I Met Your Mother
We were late on the bandwagon with this show, but we’ve watched it religiously ever since we caught up on Netflix.  Jason Segel as Marshall is the best, although the character that the show was originally based around, Ted, drives me up the wall.

To get on board, watch: S3E9 “Slapsgiving”

The League
In what can only be described as a miracle of Super-Bowl-sized proportions, I love this comedy on FX about a group of guys that are in a fantasy football league together.  It’s exceptionally crude, so ladies, put your that’s-what-she-said hat on before you watch it.  Even my girliest of girlfriends loves it.

To get on board, watch: S2E12 “Kegel the Elf”

Are there any that I missed?  What are your favorite shows?


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