I Swear I Don’t Drink Here That Much

Tonight I was lucky enough to grab dinner with my mom, who is usually busy on Sunday nights getting ready for the week and trying to wrangle my 2 younger sisters.  It just so happens that my sisters are on vacation with my dad, and my husband is out of town for work, which means…

Woohoo!  My mom hardly ever gets to go out, so I was excited to take her to one of my favorite local restaurants, which has the most KILLER margaritas I’ve ever tasted.  I’ve tried to find out what is in them, but apparently it’s a secret.  But I swear there is beer in there…in a good way.

I should probably mention that I usually frequent this restaurant with one of my best friends, and we are usually coaxed into drinking more than we normally would by a particularly persuasive waiter.  We may or may not have been there less than 48 hours earlier…but we sat at the bar and drank Corona so it doesn’t count.

So my mom and I sit at our table, and wouldn’t you know, Mr. Persuasive Waiter walks up and greets my mom, and then looks at me and says, “Heyyy, welcome back!”  I looked at my mom and said (with my eyes), I swear I don’t come here that often.  Strike 1.

Mr. Persuasive Waiter takes our drink order, and when I ask for a sangria instead of my usual margartia (it’s Sunday night, after all – let’s not get crazy), he says, “Oh, changing it up from the usual!  Nice!”  My mom shakes her head…and I bow mine, in shame.  Strike 2.

After sharing some delicious tacos and finishing our sangrias, our waiter comes by and asks if we’d like another round of drinks.  When I politely decline, he turns to me and says, “You?  YOU don’t want another drink?!”  Strike 3.

Jesus Christ, I’m not an alcoholic!  Your restaurant just happens to be less than a mile from my house, and your margaritas are super delicious, and I am easily persuaded by a girl who will mix tequila with mai tai mix to make shots at 2 a.m. (also known as Ma’Quila shots) (sorry LJ but it’s essential to the story).  My mom just laughs, and I spend the walk to the car trying to convince her that I’m really, truly not there that often, that our waiter just has a really good memory, asking why she hasn’t told me about my twin who clearly lives in the area and also loves margaritas…to no avail.

To be fair…they are REALLY good margaritas.

Speaking of, here’s a skinny margarita recipe that is surprisingly fabulous:

Crystal Sprite Margaritas

1/2 gallon Sprite Zero; 1 packet of Crystal Light Lemonade mix (the big kind, not the individual serving kind); Tequila to taste (Don’t go cheap on the tequila – get the good stuff!  It’s worth it.)

Mix and enjoy!

My Dog Is A Pansy When It’s Hot

I was super excited to take a half-day off of work today so I could come home at noon, spend some time with my puppy, and then head to the hair salon to get my highlights done.  I was determined to give Buster a workout so he’d be nice and relaxed for the rest of the night.

However, this is what my dog does when I walk him during the Summer in the South:

He lays down in the middle of the street!  This photo was taken in front of my NEXT DOOR neighbor’s house.  That means he made it 1 house down before he needed a break from the heat.  When it’s hot, his walks take soooo long.  He stops every 10 feet, and sits there thinking, Don’t you see my fur coat?  How would you feel if you had a body full of fluffy and some ASSHOLE wanted YOU to walk down the street at noon in July in Georgia?  That’s what I thought.

Needless to say, Buster didn’t quite get the workout I intended for him.  But he was super excited when I got home from the bar with my BFF L.J. and decided to jog around the  block with him, while wearing flip flops.

I’m sure my neighbors were super pleased to hear slap slap slap slap slap as Buster got 1/2 mile out of his system at midnight, as I prayed that I wouldn’t trip and scrape my face on the asphalt.  Mission (miraculously) accomplished.

A Brownie Going Blonde

This time tomorrow, I’m going to be blonde.

Let me give you a brief hair history.  When I was little, I was definitely a blondie.

As I grew older, my hair started to become darker.

When I got to middle school, I panicked and used Sun-In to try and delay the inevitable.

I eventually overcompensated and went the opposite direction, sometimes dyeing my hair jet black.

I finally got comfortable/lazy with my hair and just let it be what it was meant to be…light brown.  I was once told that “people would KILL for” my natural highlights…this is unconfirmed.

I’ve always wanted to lighten my hair, but fear has always overtaken.  Will it be expensive?  Would I rather spend the money on clothes/travel/another puppy (hubby would kill me…totally worth it)?  Will I regret messing with my God-given hair color that is, by all accounts, completely acceptable?

There are a couple of reasons I’m considering taking the leap, and they only get stronger as I get older.  My hair is SERIOUSLY thin.  It’s been that way since I was a kid, which I partially blame on things like thyroid disease (more on that later), but which is more likely attributed to plain old bad luck.  All of my sisters (yes, I said all) have hair of normal thickness.  I’m having a good day if you can’t see my scalp.

Additionally, lightening your hair expands the hair shaft, and makes your hair feel/appear thicker.  Hell yes it does!  And lastly, I am no spring chicken: I am 27, and the older I get, the closer I come to having gray hair.  I’d like to preemptively hide the evidence.

So tomorrow night, I will hopefully be freshly highlighted and feeling no regret.  My hair has been its natural color for at least the past 10 years.  I’m afraid to mess with a good thing, but at the same time, what do I have to lose?  My hair’s not that great anyway.

Stay tuned for the before and after.  I’m sure it will be exhilarating.